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FalconStor Offers Tape Encryption Service for Virtual Tape Library (VTL), Delivering Security Benefits Without Impacting the Backup Process

  • 25 July, 2005 10:58

<p>Easy-to-Deploy VTL Service Protects Portable Media with Advanced Encryption</p>
<p>Sydney, Australia - July 25, 2005 - Committed to the protection of business-critical data residing in either an enterprise data centre or in transit as portable media, FalconStor Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: FALC), a leading developer of network storage software solutions, today announced a Secure Tape Transport Service (STTS) for its VirtualTape Library (VTL) solution.</p>
<p>This encryption and decryption service, based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) agency of the U.S. government, allows FalconStor VTL customers to encrypt virtual tapes and export them to physical tapes to guard data against unauthorised access and information theft in case of misplacement or in the event of loss by shipping companies.</p>
<p>“Unencrypted backup tapes are the weak link in data security just waiting to be exploited. FalconStor’s VTL makes encryption palatable to enterprises who may have avoided it because of the assumed time penalty,” said Mike Karp, senior analyst, Enterprise Management Associates. “IT managers will easily understand how FalconStor’s approach to key management and encryption - done on the VTL and not on the production system - will deliver the security benefits of strong encryption without impacting the backup process.”</p>
<p>FalconStor VTL’s encryption and decryption mechanism is fully integrated with the solution’s tape export/import subsystem and is 100% transparent to third party backup software applications. To deliver rapid return on investment (ROI) and minimal total cost of ownership (TCO), VTL and the STTS can be easily deployed into any backup environment while leveraging existing backup software and policies. FalconStor VTL STTS enhances the security of existing backup software by producing securely encrypted virtual tapes for storage and transport, and does so offline without degrading the backup performance or eating into the backup window.</p>
<p>“In that our financial services include international banking and credit card business, as well as technology and investment banking, it is critical that we pursue every available means to protect information pertaining to our clients and eliminate any potential risk of data theft or loss,” said Sung Gyu Chai, IT Team Manager, Daegu Bank of Korea. “FalconStor’s approach to encryption, in combination with its unique key management system, delivers the level of security needed by today’s financial institutions, in a manner that is simple to deploy and intuitive to use.”</p>
<p>FalconStor VTL STTS offers a distinctive key management system that enables encryption keys to be intuitively managed yet fully protected. To reduce the risk of data loss due to lost keys, high quality user-generated encryption keys are created based on easy to remember, user-defined “secret phrases,” using proven standard cryptographic methods. Keys can be further protected via a sophisticated password scheme, which is not vulnerable to known attacks for secure transportation. This process also provides maximum flexibility and added security because tapes designated to different storage facilities can use different keys, and therefore only authorised users can access designated media.</p>
<p>For customers that require off-site data storage without the need for physical tapes, FalconStor VTL STTS offers a unique electronic vaulting service with communications between a central data centre and a remote site using secure, bandwidth-conserving, delta-based replication to copy virtual tapes across an IP network. Encrypted data can be replicated across any distance, periodically and incrementally with compression, without impact to a production environment for maximum performance and productivity.</p>
<p>Comments on FalconStor’s VTL STTS, from leading storage vendors:</p>
<p>ADTX (Advanced Technology and Systems Co., Ltd.), headquartered in Tokyo
Kunio Iwata, CTO &amp; Senior Vice President of Storage Business Operations</p>
<p>“Businesses in Japan are realising the tangible benefits of virtual tape libraries as their existing backup solution struggles against the demands of increasing volumes of data. FalconStor VTL technology skilfully deals with business continuity and scalability issues, integrating seamlessly into an organisation’s existing backup investments and processes. The addition of a data encryption feature in VTL enables third-party backup solutions to concentrate solely on the backup, while adding to VTL’s strength of speeding the backup process by reducing variables that slow down a production environment during backup.”</p>
<p>StorageTek, headquartered in Louisville, CO
Russ Kennedy, director of software product development, Information Lifecycle Management Solutions</p>
<p>“Encryption extends the data protection capabilities of both disk and tape. Recent examples of loss or theft of removable media have raised the importance of encryption to an enterprise data protection strategy, and our partnership with FalconStor is serving to bring encryption solutions to our customer base.”</p>
<p>TOYOU FEIJI Electronics Co., LTD., headquartered in Beijing
Zhou Zexiang, CEO</p>
<p>“In today’s corporate storage environments, data security is gaining prominence and IT managers are besieged with problems about data encryption for physical tapes. FalconStor’s VirtualTape Library brings a new choice for customers. Its Secure Tape Transport Service can provide advanced encryption and decryption features for 3rd party backup software applications without impacting backup performance. As FalconStor’s strategic OEM partner in China, TOYOU will fully utilise this transcendent feature into our NetStor line of storage solutions to offer more security and reliability for China customers.”</p>
<p>About FalconStor VirtualTape Library</p>
<p>FalconStor’s VirtualTape Library software consolidates the management of backup resources while enhancing the reliability of backup operations and accelerating the speed of recovery. VTL leverages industry standard high speed disk to provision virtual tape drives and libraries via Fibre Channel (FC), iSCSI or NDMP protocol to backup servers attached to an iSCSI/IP or FC storage area network to maximise performance and return on investment.</p>
<p>About FalconStor</p>
<p>FalconStor Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: FALC) is a leading developer of network storage software designed to optimise the storage, protection and availability of enterprise data. FalconStor’s flagship product, IPStor, enables corporate IT to deploy a hardware-agnostic, network-centric foundation to maximise operating efficiency and business continuity, and to meet the availability requirements of mission-critical applications. IPStor-powered network storage solutions are available and supported by major OEMs, as well as system integrators and resellers worldwide.</p>
<p>Founded in 2000, FalconStor is headquartered in Melville, NY, with offices throughout Europe and the Asia Pacific regions including Paris, Tokyo and Taiwan. FalconStor is an active member of the Technical Support Alliance Network (TSANet), Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA). For more information, visit</p>
<p>This press release includes forward-looking statements that involve risk and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking statements. These risks and uncertainties include: delays in product development; market acceptance of FalconStor’s products and services; technological change in the storage and networking industries; competition in the network storage software market; the potential failure of FalconStor’s OEM partners to introduce or to market products incorporating FalconStor’s products; intellectual property issues; and other risk factors discussed in FalconStor’s reports on Forms 10-K, 10-Q and other reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.</p>
<p>FalconStor is a registered trademark of FalconStor Software, Inc. All other company and product names contained herein may be trademarks of the respective holders.</p>
<p>Media Contacts:</p>
<p>Rob Stirling
Markom Marketing
+61 2 9977 8922</p>
<p>Joel Norton
FalconStor Software
+61 2 8912 2153</p>

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