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COLIS Validates Open Standards for Future E-learning

  • 19 March, 2004 11:17

<p><b>Novell Access Management Passes Open Standards Test</b></p>
<p>Australian educators are one step closer to being able to share online learning resources with other institutions regardless of the hardware or software used at either location, according to findings from the second COLIS (Collaborative Online Learning and Information Services) project exhibited today in Sydney.</p>
<p>The second COLIS project titled ‘Interaction of IT Systems and Repositories ‘(IIS&amp;R) involved using the online e-learning test bed developed in the first project to investigate ways of improving interaction between IT systems and repositories within a standards framework.</p>
<p>Director of the Macquarie University E-Learning Centre of Excellence (MELCOE), Professor James Dalziel said he was delighted with the results of the project. He stated that they proved the robustness of the open standards based demonstrator by successfully substituting systems from different vendors across the five core components of the COLIS system. COLIS consists of single sign-on access management, a learning object repository, a learning object management system, a federated search gateway and a learning management system.</p>
<p>“We were pleased to have Novell’s participation in COLIS, and their access management solution exceeded our expectations. As access management is a crucial component to enable all other e-learning, Novell’s contribution was particularly important,” said Professor Dalziel.</p>
<p>Novell, as one of the project’s technology partners, was integral to the research into standards based access management software and helped to solve many of the enduring problems associated with practical e-learning, according to Novell Project Manager, John Singleton.</p>
<p>“When Novell’s access management systems were substituted into the COLIS environment, they accelerated the speed at which systems could be accessed and content downloaded. One of the other research partners, WestOne/Curtin University consortium, experienced much greater levels of performance when accessing systems protected by the Novell access management solution. Novell’s approach to single sign on also enabled the COLIS team to consider how different e-learning systems can be connected and synchronised so that users only need to login once to get all the information they need from different sources,” said Mr Singleton.</p>
<p>Novell’s access management solution integrated effectively within the COLIS environment and helped to validate the proposition that standards based components from different vendors can be substituted in a modular e-learning environment.</p>
<p>Novell is continuing to develop its partnership with MELCOE and looks forward to participating in future projects such as the Meta Access Management System (MAMS) project which recently received funding for over $4 million over the next 3 years from the Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training. Led by MELCOE, MAMS will develop a prototype next generation access and identity management infrastructure and related common technical services to support research effectiveness.</p>
<p>About COLIS:
COLIS (The Collaborative Online Learning and Information Services) is a functional demonstrator that was established in 2002 as a test bed for the development of next generation collaborative online learning and information services based on the IMS standards. The COLIS team has worked with international software companies, learning object systems providers, learning management systems, content producers, and national government agencies to design and develop the COLIS demonstrator.</p>
<p>About MELCOE:
Macquarie University’s E-learning Centre of Excellence (MELCOE) is an international focal point for e-learning infrastructure and standards development. The Centre consolidates Macquarie University’s position at the leading edge of best practice in e-learning. MELCOE is a recognised leader in implementing global standards and specifications for learning technology.</p>
<p>About Novell:
Novell, Inc. (Nasdaq: NOVL) is the leading provider of Net business solutions designed to secure and power the networked world. Novell help organisations solve complex business challenges, simplify their systems and processes, and capture new opportunities with one Net solutions. Novell provides worldwide channel, consulting, education and developer programs to support its products.</p>
<p>For media inquiries:</p>
<p>Rebecca Cook/ Emily Harrison,
03 9866 4722,</p>

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