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Amway chooses Vignette for new Internet and Intranet sites

  • 03 March, 2004 14:16

<p>Sydney – 3 March 2004 - Amway of Australia has invested more than AUD 500,000 in Vignette software and services and has plans to replace its existing IBM content management system. Vignette will help boost Amway’s business efficiency through automating the delivery of personalised and relevant content to Australia and New Zealand users of its Internet and Intranet sites.</p>
<p>The biggest users of Amway’s Internet site, are the company’s Independent Business Owners (IBOs) located across Australia and New Zealand. The implementation of Vignette reflects the company’s move to become more customer centric in its relations with IBOs.</p>
<p>Michial Coldwell, general manager operations, Amway of Australia &amp; New Zealand, said, “The Internet is one of the fastest and most cost effective ways to communicate, and do business with our IBOs. We chose Vignette because it will enable us to take the next step in our online efforts, which involves a more personalised, interactive relationship with our online audience.</p>
<p>“Our goal is to dramatically increase the relevance of our online content to our IBOs. Updates will become faster and more accurate, we’ll eradicate duplication and get more content out for the same money. a2k will be smarter, with personalised business, product and promotional information that will be relevant and compelling to IBOs and their clients.</p>
<p>"The technology will give us the ability to transfer content management and delivery to non-technical people in our marketing and communications team. The overall effect is that Amway is more accessible to valued audiences through a more reliable, valuable and relevant Web presence.”</p>
<p>Mike Kearney, director marketing for Vignette APAC said, “Vignette will improve the personalisation, scalability and interaction management function for Amway, connecting its IBOs to their businesses more effectively and at lower costs.”</p>
<p>Vignette V7 content management system will also be used internally as a central knowledge repository that will form the basis of the Intranet site for 300 full-time Amway employees in Australia and New Zealand.</p>
<p>“The investment in Vignette and the expected benefits are part of a continuum that makes Amway of Australia and New Zealand one of the most technologically advanced Amway markets. The local Amway operation continues to lead the way for risk-free adoption of certified technologies in other Amway markets,” said Michial Coldwell.</p>
<p>Vignette V7 will power the Amway Internet and Intranet sites and Vignette Messenger and Dialog will be used to automate online and offline sales and support communications between Amway, IBOs and clients.</p>
<p>About Amway<br/>
Amway began in 1959 with two young entrepreneurs in the United States. Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel developed an innovative business plan that offered anyone the opportunity to build their own business and share in the profits of a range of exceptional products. The partnership between a solid business plan and high quality products saw the company become a profitable and successful global business over the years.</p>
<p>Today, Amway boasts over 200 quality products and millions of Independent Business Owners worldwide. We are represented in over 80 countries and territories throughout the world. Last year alone, 3.5 million IBOs renewed their businesses. The company has a global staff of over 6000 scientists, marketing professionals, product experts, farmers, managers and other employees. At Amway, quality means innovation in formulas and technology. Our products are world-beaters in all categories, particularly in health and beauty.</p>
<p>About Vignette<br/>
Vignette (Nasdaq: VIGN) is the expert in business efficiency. Vignette's software and services help companies harness the power of information and the Web to increase productivity, reduce cost, increase the quality of user experiences and manage risk. Vignette's solutions incorporate enterprise content management, portal, collaboration and integration software that can rapidly deliver unique advantages through an open, scalable, adaptable architecture. Vignette is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with local operations worldwide. Visit to see how Vignette customers achieve documented efficiencies and find out why the world's leading companies prefer Vignette.<br/></p>

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