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Block Any Unwanted Software

  • 10 February, 2004 15:31

<p>OverSight™ Blocks Any Unwanted Software From Running On IT Networks Of Any Size</p>
<p>Patent-pending Technology Immediately Denies Access To Any Program Or File, On Any Desktop-Even If It's Already Open</p>
<p>Sydney, NSW - February 9, 2004 - The Resonance Group, Australasian distributor for Tangram Enterprise Solutions, the global leader for unified IT asset management solutions today announced the commercial availability of OverSight in Australia, a proprietary, patent-pending software that marries IT asset management with a powerful new enforcement application that can reach across IT networks of any size to deny access to any program or file including Peer to Peer programs.
These days, there's a plethora of software that can may negatively impact on your enterprise:
· Viruses and worms that can bring down the network,
· File sharing peer to peer programs and spyware that open holes in the firewall
· Unmonitored instant messaging,
· Illegal music and movie players,
· Applications that violate corporate desktop standards, and more.
The negative impact of unauthorised programs can be extensive, ranging from elevated operational costs, legal exposure, and security risks, to reduced productivity or even complete crippling of the business. For example, the ramifications of the raid on the offices of large Australian corporates could be avoided if Oversight security was deployed on a network. Installation of Kazaa, for example, could be avoided and any existing version of the product would be erased. Likewise, an IT department could deny access to any email attachment containing a worm virus by preventing the user opening such files. This is particularly useful where new viruses are known but anti-virus companies have yet to produce a detection/fix for the virus. The lag for new anti-virus software may be as much as 12 hours and is critical to network security.</p>
<p>OverSight allows the management of a company to construct and deploy policies that deny access to any given file or application, at any level. If a user attempts to copy, rename, or otherwise alter a targeted file, OverSight will not allow it. Even if a file is already running on a targeted desktop, OverSight instantly kills it, wiping it from memory. For the first time, an IT asset management application offers highly granular control over which desktops are subject to a given policy, by geography, business unit, individual desktops, or throughout the entire enterprise.</p>
<p>We have created a new class of software by marrying IT asset management and security with the introduction of OverSight," said William Baker, Resonance's CEO. "Businesses today are faced with an overwhelming array of attacks on their networks, from outside and inside, and OverSight is a powerful new weapon in the IT Security arsenal. Oversight users can now significantly reduce business and security risks, legal exposure, and downtime by exploiting OverSight’s unique capabilities to block any and all unwanted software files and applications from their entire network, regardless of the size or geography or complexity."
To block access to a particular file or program, the organisation's designated manager works with a powerful Policy Management Console and selects a predefined "policy" (rule) or defines a new policy, which includes control options over execution, rename, copy, delete, and read access. The IT manager can then identify the target computers, and create customisable end-user and system messages. Finally, the manager pushes the policies throughout the enterprise with a click of a button and monitors the progress of distribution from any secure enterprise location worldwide.</p>
<p>Policies are sent out to the appropriate desktops, either immediately or on schedule, via Asset Insight's software distribution methodology, where OverSight's Compliance Monitor uses the patent-pending technology to monitor for and deny access to any file defined in the policies. If the undesirable file or application is already open on the desktop, it will instantly disappear and the administrator's custom message will be displayed.
"Whether you're responsible for help desk support, software license management and compliance, or corporate security, OverSight offers exciting new options for taking control of your enterprise, " added Mr. Baker. "OverSight users also have the advantages of Asset Insight for best-of-breed auto-discovery and tracking of hardware, software, configuration files, and software usage, from mainframes to PDAs, scalable across even the largest enterprise. And, of course, organisations with OverSight and the unified Insight solution combine auto-discovery and access control with a deep repository of financial and contractual data for comprehensive IT asset management. It is the only unified solution in the marketplace."
For more information please refer to the or contact Mr William Baker CEO The Resonance Group Lvl 14, 100 Walker St North Sydney NSW 2060 on 02-9409 1000 or facsimile 02-9409 1010.</p>

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