CSO Seminar: No ifs, ands, or bots about it: why app security is crucial to your business
  • David Braue

    CSO Journalist

  • Shain Singh

    Security Architect, F5 Networks

  • Kunal Makwana

    Senior Consultant, Threat Intelligence, NAB

No ifs, ands, or bots about it: why app security is crucial to your business

Bots have become a fact of life online, with retailers and aggregators using them for everything from monitoring competitors’ prices and stock levels, to securing saleable quantities of in-demand items such as concert tickets and limited-edition retail products.

Whatever their design, the traffic generated by such bots can create real problems for target web sites. Factor in the tsunami of traffic generated by malicious bots – which hijack large numbers of vulnerable computers and Internet of Things (IoT) devices to launch attacks on other systems – and businesses face an imminent threat that can choke out legitimate users, compromise website usability, and destroy a company’s profits and reputation.

It’s not hard to understand why bot management is critical to maintaining business availability and customer satisfaction – but do you know how to properly deal with bots?

Please join CSO Australia and F5 for an interactive one-hour Webinar, where you and your peers will learn bot-management strategies from application-security experts. By working through real-world examples, you will learn:

  • How bots affect network traffic and business performance
  • How to identify bot traffic and evaluate its impact
  • The difference between good and bad bots – and how this affects management strategies
  • How a comprehensive application management strategy can help you keep bots under control


Event Partner

F5 Networks


David Braue

CSO Journalist

David Braue has been covering the IT industry since 1995, bringing a deep technical knowledge base to a portfolio spanning enterprise, consumer, telecommunications, and security technologies. His prolific career, writing for Australia’s leading newspapers and specialist magazines and Web sites, has been recognised with numerous IT journalism awards including 2010 IT Journalist of the Year.

Shain Singh

Security Architect, F5 Networks

Shain has over 20 years experience in the computing and telecommunication industry. He is the Security Architect for F5 Networks working with businesses across the various sectors throughout the Asia Pacific theatre. Having had engineering and architecture roles in the Systems, Network and Security fields, Shain uses his cross-disciplinary skills to provide a lens into global security and industry trends.

Having undertaken a Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters in Applied Science (Information Security/Cryptography), Shain now spends his time participating in humanitarian and technology-based community groups.

Kunal Makwana

Senior Consultant, Threat Intelligence, NAB

Kunal is an Independent Security researcher with interests and expertise in Cyber Intelligence, Open Source Intelligence and Malware analysis. He has experience working in Incident response team, Security Operations Centre and similar environment with responsibility in real-time threat monitoring, incident handling, malware analysis, Threat Intelligence & Hunting and SIEM content development.

Kunal is an active contributor to open source project such as MISP, TheHive, CIF and other small projects via GitHub.

Actively sharing threat information via community platforms and social media to spread awareness. Information about malware, vulnerabilities, new tools and techniques, adversary infrastructure etc are all shared.

His thoughts and experience in the industry are reflected on his blog and contains articles about Cyber Threat Intelligence, Threat Hunting, Digital forensic and Incident Response and malware analysis.