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Privileged Users: Superman or Superthreat?
By Forcepoint | 24/6/2016

Privileged Users are, without a doubt, the most dangerous cybersecurity threat as they continue to cost organizations billions in corporate losses. Additionally, the risk to your bottom line and of intellectual property theft isn’t limited to a certain industry. It happens across the board from the financial sector to energy and healthcare to the federal government. So who are Privileged Users and how are they remaining in the shadows uncontested?

This whitepaper will help identify who Privileged Users are in your organization. It will also explain why Privileged Users present a greater risk than other employees, and whether or not your organization could be at risk. Finally, it will provide you with best practices and strategies for mitigating the threat.

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Defeating The Threat From Within
By Forcepoint | 24/6/2016

All networks are vulnerable because they have people using them. These are ordinary users focusing on getting their job done, not worrying about security. It is dangerous to assume that your workforce is “too smart” to avoid breaches. Understand that 94% of your employees will potentially be duped by a socially-engineered, targeted phishing scam. You can no longer afford to have just the traditional security solutions on your networks. These solutions will not offer you enough protection from within your organization. As CISO, you are going to need a new plan for dealing with Insider Threats. Your organization is at risk - get the latest report on the new wave of Insider Threats and start planning now.

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Evolving Protection Against Evolving Security Threats
By Advent One | 22/6/2016

As the nature of IT security threats evolve, the difference between an organisation susceptible to a catastrophic incident, and an organisation that is resilient in the face of sustained attacks, will be sound practices, good tools, an excellent culture and a trusted security partner.

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CSO Security Buyers Guide 2016
By CSO | 7/6/2016

Step right up! You’re front row at the greatest cybersecurity show on earth

Given that you’re reading this, your formal job description probably says something about information security – maintenance of which is your key responsibility, or one of them. Yet as has become increasingly clear in recent years, the scope of this responsibility has grown – as has the scope of the task that faces you.

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CSO Security Buyers Guide 2015
By CSO | 7/6/2016

You are being watched.

Information security management is undergoing profound changes in 2015. CSOs are dealing with increasingly complex technology environments and more hostilities from both financially and politically-motivated attackers. In this edition of the CSO Security Buyers Guide, we speak with Australia’s leading information security professionals on the significant trends for 2015 and how CSOs can reduce their organisation’s exposure by embracing new technology and working with staff and business units to ensure productivity is balanced with security

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Building a World-Class Web Application Security Program: Microsoft Uses AppSpider
By Rapid 7 | 2/6/2016

When Microsoft undertook an extensive evaluation of Web Application Vulnerability scanning solutions on the market, the company’s Cloud and Enterprise Security Services team knew it would be no small task. Microsoft wanted to build a world class, scalable Web App Vulnerability scanning service that would serve all of their different service teams in building secure applications. Top on the list of technical aspects was whether the Web App Vuln Scanning solution could handle the general scale of a company as large as Microsoft.

Read this case-study to learn what factors went into Microsoft’s key decision criteria in deciding on a web application program for its project.

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The Attacker’s Dictionary
By Rapid 7 | 2/6/2016

This research report is the result of a year long data collection program of opportunistic credential scanning data from Heisenberg, Rapid7’s public-facing network of low-interaction honeypots.

Instead of focusing on the type of passwords end users typically pick, this data shows what passwords opportunistic scanners are using in order to test and likely compromise Internet connected point of sale systems, kiosks, and desktop PCs which offer Remote Desktop Protocol service for remote management.

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10 Reasons to Strengthen Security with App and Desktop Virtualization
By Citrix | 25/5/2016

Regain control and reduce risk without sacrificing business productivity and growth.

By using virtualization, organisations can pursue top priorities such as mobility, flexwork and consumerization while effectively managing risk, securing information, supporting global compliance and strengthening business continuity planning.

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The CSO/Gigamon 2016 IT Security Priorities Survey Findings and Results
By Gigamon | 21/5/2016

This online survey, conducted amongst 275 respondents in December 2015 and January 2016, found growing concern among both business executives and security practitioners about the overall security profile they face.Indeed, fully 65 percent of respondents said they were more, or much more, concerned about information-security threats than they were a year ago. Just 31 percent of respondents said they were about as concerned this year as last – and not one of the respondents said they were less concerned.

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The Total Economic Impact™ Of Gigamon: Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By Gigamon
By Gigamon | 18/5/2016

Gigamon commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Gigamon. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial benefit of Gigamon on their organisations.

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