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  • Staples: 6-Month Breach, 1.16 Million Cards

    Krebs on Security
    Office supply chain Staples Inc. today finally acknowledged that a malware intrusion this year at some of its stores resulted in a credit card breach. The company now says some 119 stores were impacted between April and September 2014, and that as many as 1.16 million customer credit and debit cards may have been stolen as a result.
  • FBI: North Korea to Blame for Sony Hack

    Krebs on Security
    The FBI today said it has determined that the North Korean government is responsible for the devastating recent hack attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment. Here's a brief look the FBI's statement, what experts are learning about North Korea's cyberattack capabilities, and what this incident means for other corporations going forward.
  • Complex Solutions to a Simple Problem

    Krebs on Security
    My inbox has been flooded of late with pitches for new technologies aimed at making credit cards safer and more secure. Many of these solutions are exceedingly complex and overwrought -- if well-intentioned -- responses to a problem that we already know how to solve.Here's a look at a few of the more elaborate approaches.
  • Banks: Park-n-Fly Online Card Breach

    Krebs on Security
    Multiple financial institutions say they are seeing a pattern of fraud that indicates an online credit card breach has hit Park-n-Fly, an Atlanta-based offsite airport parking service that allows customers to reserve spots in advance of travel via an Internet-based reservation system. The security incident, if confirmed, would be the latest in a string of card breaches involving compromised payment systems at parking services nationwide.
  • In Damage Control, Sony Targets Reporters

    Krebs on Security
    Over the weekend I received a nice holiday letter from lawyers representing Sony Pictures Entertainment, demanding that I cease publishing detailed stories about the company's recent hacking and delete any company data collected in the process of reporting on the breach. While I have not been the most prolific writer about this incident to date, rest assured such threats will not deter this reporter from covering important news and facts related to the breach.
  • SpamHaus, CloudFlare Attacker Pleads Guilty to Computer Abuse, Child Porn Charges

    Krebs on Security
    A 17-year-old male from London, England pleaded guilty this week to carrying out a massive denial-of-service attack last year against anti-spam outfit SpamHaus and content delivery network CloudFlare, KrebsOnSecurity has learned.
  • ‘Security by Antiquity’ Bricks Payment Terminals

    Krebs on Security
    Last week, several thousand credit card payment terminals at various retailers across the country suddenly stopped working, their LCD displays showing a blank screens instead of numbers and letters. Puzzled merchants began to worry that this was perhaps part of some sophisticated hacker attack on their cash registers. It turns out that the incident was indeed security-related, but for once it had nothing to do with cyber thieves.
  • ‘Poodle’ Bug Returns, Bites Big Bank Sites

    Krebs on Security
    Many of the nation's top banks, investment firms and credit providers are vulnerable to a newly-discovered twist on a known security flaw that exposes their Web site traffic to eavesdropping. The discovery has prompted renewed warnings from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security advising vulnerable Web site owners to address the flaw as quickly as possible.
  • Microsoft, Adobe Push Critical Security Fixes

    Krebs on Security
    If you use Microsoft or Adobe software products, chances are that software is now dangerously out of date. Microsoft today released seven update bundles to fix two dozen security vulnerabilities in Windows and supported software. Adobe pushed patches to correct critical flaws in Acrobat, Reader, and Flash Player, including a bug in Flash that already is being exploited.
  • Unencrypted Data Lets Thieves ‘Charge Anywhere’

    Krebs on Security
    Charge Anywhere LLC, a New Jersey mobile payments provider, today disclosed that malicious software planted on its networks may have jeopardized credit card data from transactions the company handled between November 2009 and September 2014.

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