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  • Scottrade Breach Hits 4.6 Million Customers

    Krebs on Security
    Welcome to Cybersecurity (Breach) Awareness Month! Today's awareness lesson is brought to you by retail brokerage firm Scottrade, which just disclosed a breach involving contact information and possibly Social Security numbers on 4.6 million customers.
  • Experian Breach Affects 15 Million Consumers

    Krebs on Security
    Kicking off National Cybersecurity Month with a bang, credit bureau and consumer data broker Experian North America disclosed Thursday that a breach of its computer systems exposed approximately 15 million Social Security numbers and other data on people who applied for financing from wireless provider T-Mobile USA Inc.
  • ATM Skimmer Gang Firebombed Antivirus Firm

    Krebs on Security
    It's notable whenever cybercime spills over into real-world, physical attacks. This is the story of a Russian security firm whose operations were pelted with Molotov cocktail attacks after exposing an organized crime gang that developed and sold malicious software to steal cash from ATMs.
  • With Stolen Cards, Fraudsters Shop to Drop

    Krebs on Security
    A time-honored method of extracting cash from stolen credit cards involves "reshipping" scams, which manage the purchase, reshipment and resale of carded consumer goods from America to Eastern Europe -- primarily Russia. A new study suggests that some 1.6 million credit and debit cards are used to commit at least $1.8 billion in reshipping fraud each year, and identifies some choke points for disrupting this lucrative money laundering activity.
  • Banks: Card Breach at Hilton Hotel Properties

    Krebs on Security
    Multiple sources in the banking industry say they have traced a pattern of credit card fraud that suggests hackers have compromised point-of-sale registers in gift shops and restaurants at a large number of Hilton Hotel and franchise properties across the United States. Hilton says it is investigating the claims.
  • Bidding for Breaches, Redefining Targeted Attacks

    Krebs on Security
    A growing community of private and highly-vetted cybercrime forums is redefining the very meaning of "targeted attacks." These bid-and-ask forums match crooks who are looking for access to specific data, resources or systems within major corporations with hired muscle who are up to the task or who already have access to those resources.
  • Adobe Flash Patch, Plus Shockwave Shocker

    Krebs on Security
    Adobe has released a critical software update to fix nearly two-dozen security holes in its Flash Player browser plugin. Separately, I want to take a moment to encourage users who have Adobe Shockwave Player installed to finally junk this program; turns out Shockwave -- which comes with its own version of Flash -- is still woefully far behind in bundling the latest Flash fixes.
  • Inside Target Corp., Days After 2013 Breach

    Krebs on Security
    In December 2013, just days after a data breach exposed 40 million customer debit and credit card accounts, Target Corp. hired security experts at Verizon to probe its networks for weaknesses. The results of that confidential investigation -- until now never publicly revealed -- confirm what pundits have long suspected: Once inside Target's network, there was nothing stop attackers from gaining direct and complete access to every single cash register in every Target store.
  • Who’s Behind Bluetooth Skimming in Mexico?

    Krebs on Security
    In the previous two stories, I documented the damage wrought by an organized crime gang in Mexico that has been systematically bribing ATM technicians to install Bluetooth skimming components that allow thieves to steal card and PIN data wirelessly. What follows is a look at a mysterious new ATM company in Mexico that sources say may be tied to the skimming activity.
  • Tracking Bluetooth Skimmers in Mexico, Part II

    Krebs on Security
    I spent four days last week in Mexico, tracking the damage wrought by an organized crime ring that is bribing ATM technicians to place Bluetooth skimmers inside of cash machines in and around the tourist areas of Cancun. Today’s piece chronicles the work of this gang in coastal regions farther south, following a trail of hacked ATMs from Playa Del Camen down to the ancient Mayan ruins in Tulum.

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