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  • Do Attribution and Motives Matter?

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    Whenever people think of APTs and targeted attacks, people ask: who did it? What did they want? While those questions may well be of some interest, we think it is much more important to ask: what information about the attacker can help organizations protect themselves better?

    Let’s look at things from the perspective of a network administrator trying to defend their organization. If someone wants to determine who was behind an attack on their organization, maybe the first thing they’ll do use IP address locations to try and determine the location of an attacker. However, say an attack was traced to a web server in Korea. What’s not to say that whoever was responsible for the attack also compromised that server? What makes you think that site’s owner will cooperate with your investigation?
  • Two Games Released in Google Play Can Root Android Devices

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    By Wish Wu, Ecular Xu Android malware creators have recently been mixing business with play. We found two malicious gaming apps that were published on Google Play and are capable of rooting Android devices. If the apps Brain Test and RetroTetris ring a bell, better check your devices. RetroTetris can be installed in Android versions starting from...
  • German Users Hit By Dirty Mobile Banking Malware Posing As PayPal App

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    Additional analysis by Joachim Capiral Mobile banking is now used by more and more users, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see banking Trojans trying to hit these users as well. We’ve seen spammed mails that pretend to be an update notification for an official PayPal app. These mails ask the user to click on […]
  • Nigerian Cuckoo Miner Campaign Takes Over Legitimate Inboxes, Targets Banks

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    By Jay Yaneza and Erika Mendoza (Threats Analyst) When it comes to threat investigations, we often treat the malicious binary as the smoking gun or the crown jewel of the investigation. However, examining the other components can produce the bigger picture that will be far more detailed than simply focusing on the binary. By looking […]
  • 3,000 High-Profile Japanese Sites Hit By Massive Malvertising Campaign

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    Malvertising and exploit kits work hand-in-hand – and are an amazingly effective threat that keeps victimizing users over and over again. The latest victim? Users in Japan. Since the start of September, almost half a million users have been exposed to a malvertising campaign powered by the Angler exploit kit. This particular attack was highly targeted […]
  • New “Ghost Push” Variants Sport Guard Code; Malware Creator Published Over 600 Bad Android Apps

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    By Yang Yang, Jordan Pan Halloween is still a month from now and yet Android users are already being haunted by the previously reported “Ghost Push” malware, which roots devices and makes them download unwanted ads and apps. The malware is usually packaged with apps that users may download from third-party app stores. Further investigation of GhostPush […]
  • Moving Forward with EMV and Other Payment Technologies

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    October 1st ushers in a significant shift for merchants, banks, and consumers. It is deadline day for merchants in the United States to switch to EMV technology. EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, the three companies that created the EMV consortium in 1994 to develop new technologies to counteract payment card fraud. With this […]
  • Two New PoS Malware Affecting US SMBs

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    Following the seemingly quiet state of point-of-sale (PoS) malware these past few months, we are now faced with two new PoS malware named Katrina and CenterPoS now available to cybercriminals. In our 2Q Security Roundup released in August, we reported new PoS malware discoveries, namely FighterPoS in April, MalumPoS in June, and GamaPoS a month […]
  • Credit Card-Scraping Kasidet Builder Leads to Spike in Detections

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    By RonJay Caragay, Michael Marcos A commercialized builder of the Kasidet or Neutrino bot, which is infamous for its distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) capabilities, have been making the rounds recently after it was leaked in an underground forum in July (version 3.6). It included a previously unheard of feature for the bot: “ccsearch” or the scraping of payment card details […]
  • One Year After Shellshock, Are Your Servers and Devices Safer?

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    Security researchers were the first to respond during the Shellshock attacks of 2014. After news of the fatal flaw in the prevalent Bash (Bourne Again Shell)— found in most versions of the Unix and Linux operating systems as well as in Mac OSX —was released, researchers started looking into how it can be used against affected web […]

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