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  • DRIDEX Spam Runs Resurface Against US Targets

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    DRIDEX is steadily regaining its footing in the US just over a month after its takedown orchestrated by US and UK law enforcement agencies. Taking down servers is a significant step in crippling botnets, but unless all infrastructure are destroyed and all threat actors are caught, threats like DRIDEX are bound to resurface. As such, it...
  • Prototype Nation: Emerging Innovations in Cybercriminal China

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    Cybercrime doesn’t wait for anything or anyone. Two years after publishing our last report on the wares and services traded in the bustling Chinese underground, we found that the market’s operations have further expanded. From traditional malware, Chinese cybercriminals are now looking toward newer innovations and technologies to boost their operations. The Chinese underground now...
  • Trend Micro, NCA Partnership Leads to Arrests and Shutdown of and Cryptex Reborn

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    A male and a female, both aged 22 and hailing from Colchester, Essex in the United Kingdom, were arrested on suspicion of operating two services featured in many malware business models – the popular counter antivirus (CAV) service and the crypting service Cryptex Reborn. Both services have been taken down thanks to the partnership of Trend Micro’s...
  • Siri’s Flaw: Apple’s Personal Assistant Leaks Personal Data

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    Siri for iOS devices has made everyday tasks easier; whether it is getting directions to the nearest gas station or staying in contact with growing social media networks. iOS users can just call out a contact’s name and the device will populate with a telephone number and email address. However, convenience comes with a price: personal information. What...
  • 3Q 2015 Security Roundup: Current Threats Forecast Impending Attack Scenarios

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    When experts call on people to brace for disaster, it’s always based on signs that point to impending events. This quarter, we saw numerous signposts pointing to hazards to sensitive data that could lead to damages to individuals’ personal lives and organizations’ operations. The high-profile breaches, vulnerability exploits, and other attacks we saw this past...
  • Dissecting Data Breaches: Guard Your Devices Well

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    In late September I published my research paper titled Follow the Data: Dissecting Data Breaches and Debunking the Myths that delved deep into the causes behind data breaches. The goal of the paper was to provide a thorough analysis of data breaches so businesses and organizations could better understand the problem and learn how to defend...
  • GasPot Integrated Into Conpot, Contributing to Open Source ICS Research

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    In August of this year, we presented at Blackhat our paper titled The GasPot Experiment: Unexamined Perils in Using Gas-Tank-Monitoring Systems. GasPot was a honeypot designed to mimic the behavior of the Guardian AST gas-tank-monitoring system. It was designed to look like no other existing honeypot, with each instance being unique to make fingerprinting by attackers impossible. These were deployed within networks located in various countries, to give us a complete picture of the attacks facing gas tank monitoring systems.
  • November Patch Tuesday Addresses Various Remote Code Execution Flaws

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    the rest are rated as important. All four critical bulletins address bugs that could allow remote code execution if the user opens a specially crafted file or webpage.
  • DRIDEX: Down, But Not Out

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    On October 13, American and British law enforcement took action against the notorious DRIDEX botnet with the goal of stopping the activities of the notorious online banking threat. U.S. Attorney David J. Hickton of the Western District of Pennsylvania called the operation a “technical disruption and a blow to one of the most pernicious malware threats in...
  • Moplus SDK Issues Extend to Non-Baidu Apps

    TrendLabs - Malware Blog
    Analysis by Jordan Pan We recently discussed both the backdoor-like behavior of the Moplus SDK and the related Wormhole vulnerability. Because the Moplus SDK was developed by Baidu and not publicly accessible, we initially thought the problem was limited to Baidu apps. Our latest research suggests that popular non-Baidu apps are also affected. The growing impact Our scanning...

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