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  • Global Partner Summit Honors Top Channel Partners

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    Last week, Trend Micro recognized the significant success of its top channel partners at its first-ever Global Partner Summit, October 21-23, in Las Vegas. This invitation-only event brought together sales and business executives from Trend Micro’s most successful and productive worldwide channel partners, including platinum, gold and national resellers, systems integrators, service providers and distributors,...
  • Shared Responsibility Examples: The Re:Boot

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    In last week’s post, we explored the shared responsibility model for security in the AWS cloud. Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to dive into specific examples that show how the model works for those of us working in this environment. Re:Boot Near the end of September, there was a critical bug discovered...
  • Microsoft Azure takes off in Australia; what does it mean for security and compliance?

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    At last, Australian businesses can access a local Azure region. Microsoft has just announced the availability of the Australia East and Australia Southeast regions. The local regions are important for speed and availability and also for companies concerned by data residency and compliance. With Azure purchasing now available as a direct online transaction, via open...
  • Keep Cybercriminals Guessing with Unique Passwords

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    Imagine if the key you used to get in the front door of your home was also the key to your car, your bank account, and your mailbox. If you lost that key, anyone who found it could access your private belongings with complete ease. The same goes for passwords used online.  On average, people...
  • Modern Day Dillinger Gangs

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    John Dillinger became infamous in the depression era for robbing two dozen banks. He and his gang were effective due to three tactics: they cased the institution and understood their security posture and programs; they utilized superior firepower; and they drove faster vehicles so they could escape across state lines. The modern Dillinger gangs reside...
  • AWS Expands To Frankfurt

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    Today AWS announced the debut of a new region: Frankfurt, Germany. This is the 11th region for AWS, and it offers the wide range of services you would expect. The new region has two availability zones and three edge locations (for Amazon Route 53 & Amazon CloudFront). EU Data Protection Laws Frankfurt starts out of...
  • Cloud Security: Shared Responsibility in Action

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    Security in the cloud is a shared responsibility. I’ve written about this before, but with AWS re:Invent right around the corner, now is a good time to explore this idea further and see what the model looks like when applied in production. The Model Before we dive in, let’s make sure we’re all working with...
  • Keep Your Business’s Data Safe in the Cloud

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    In the days before cloud was an enterprise thing, back when systems, networks and perimeters were much more clearly defined, information security teams of course still had concerns to address and data to secure. One of the emerging risks in the mid-nineties earned the name of “Shadow IT.” And it’s still with us today. Shadow...
  • Think Before you “Share” to Prevent Identity Theft

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    You wouldn’t broadcast your credit card information in the middle of the street, so why would you share other private information publicly on your social media page? The truth is, many people don’t realize how their privacy settings work on social profiles, and because of this many people unintentionally share personal information with the world....
  • Sandworm and SCADA

    Trend Micro - Cloud Security Blog
    On the heels of the news that the “sandworm” vulnerability (CVE-2014-4114) was being used in attacks against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and several European industries and sectors, Trend Micro’s researchers Kyle Wilhoit and Jim Gogolinski and the rest of the Trend Micro FTR team have discovered new, worrying attacks utilizing this vulnerability. Our...

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