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The security function needs SMART metrics

I've become a <a href="">big fan of metrics</a>. I wasn't always, but throughout my career in information security, I've had bosses who have challenged me on metrics, and I have honed my skills so that now I feel the metrics I collect meet the "SMART" test: specific, meaningful, actionable, repeatable and time-dependent.

By Mathias Thurman | 17 Sep | Read more

Browser vulnerability caps rough few months for Android security

It has been a summer of discontent for the Android security community, as a host of vulnerabilities large and small has arisen to plague the world's most popular mobile OS. The revelation this week of a cross-site scripting flaw in the default browser installed on large numbers of pre-version 4.4 Android devices is merely the latest entry in a list that makes for unsettling reading.

Jon Gold | 17 Sep | Read more

New NSA-funded programming language could close long-standing security holes

According to Steve McConnell, author of "Code Complete", software development projects that reach 512,000 lines of code or more can see four to 100 coding errors per thousand lines of code. Coding errors create the software vulnerabilities that criminal hackers attack in order to enter and pillage the enterprise. Anything that can help to prevent those holes should be of interest to CISOs and their teams.

David Geer | 17 Sep | Read more

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