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  • What the private sector could contribute to the data retention debate

    It is impossible to discuss the recent debate around data retention in Australia without eventually coming back to information security -- encryption, the secure storage of digital records, and meta data are just some of the topics that are traditionally security issues. However, they are the same issues that have been addressed time and time again in the private sector.

    Michael Lee | 18 Mar | Read more

  • The human firewall has a soft spot: you

    For all the talk about the importance of new security technologies, the importance of staff buying into corporate security strategies is often underestimated. In every case, the predictable result is the same: a strong technological barrier whose effectiveness is immediately compromised once a legitimate user, with legitimate access to internal resources, clicks on a phishing email designed to load malware onto their computer.

    David Braue | 12 Mar | Read more

  • The week in security: FREAKing out as bug joins human, nation-state threats

    Even as DDoS attacks were outed as the biggest security concern for a range of businesses, the FREAK vulnerability spawned all sorts of puns and had security pundits concerned about the integrity of secure connections between computers and Web sites. CSOs were encouraged to check if they were vulnerable to the bug, while Apple moved quickly to squash it in its latest version of iOS and Microsoft confirmed that Windows is also vulnerable.

    David Braue | 11 Mar | Read more

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