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  • In Pictures: CSO's Identity Driven Access Management Round Table

    It's the centenary of the commencement of World War One. Back then, there were borders to protect. The soldiers knew who they were fighting and there were very few incursions where one side crossed a border undetected. Today's battles are different. The bad guys are stealing the good guys’ passwords and identities to get access to whatever they want. And they often wait weeks or even months before revealing their true objectives.

    22 Oct | View galleries

  • Changing the enterprise security landscape

    The headlines may be filled with cyber-attacks and government-level efforts to boost IT security, but for the average CIO, 2013’s security challenges revolve around the myriad threats posed by ever more powerful business agendas. The explosion in demand for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and the maturation of cloud computing, in particular, are escalating IT security to the highest levels of the executive.

    17 Sep | View galleries

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  • Box's Box Trust and Box EMM offer better BYOD security

    Organizations may tolerate, accept or embrace BYOD--letting employees use their own mobile devices for business purposes--but they all struggle with the blurred line of protecting company data without infringing on individual privacy. Box recently announced two initiatives--Box Trust, and Box for EMM--that promise to give Box's customers and their employees some peace of mind when using BYOD. Box currently serves more than 27 million users across 240,000 businesses--including 99 percent of the Fortune 500.

    Tony Bradley | 19 Dec | Read more

  • The 7 deadly sins of startup security

    For startups, user growth, product growth, virality, marketing usually goes on the top of their priority list. As part of product planning cycles, embedding information security into their product/service is the last concern for most startups.

    Sai Ramanan | 11 Nov | Read more

  • The week in security: Snapchat, Dropbox deny culpability for photo, account leaks

    Some 100,000 photos taken from Snapchat users weren't the service's fault, although some observers were seizing on the leak to argue for an improvement in security by Snapchat and other online services. Ditto Dropbox, which was also denying it was to blame after hackers published what they claimed were excerpts from 7 million Dropbox credentials; the cloud-storage giant blamed a third-party service for the leak, but security experts were still using the event to push their case for users to adopt two-factor authentication – particularly given that cloud security and ubiquitous identity for cloud services is still over a year away.

    David Braue | 21 Oct | Read more

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