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  • 5 PCI Compliance gaps

    With the holiday shopping season coming up, and crooks lining up to take advantage of the stress and confusion, this is a good time for merchants to review their payment security procedures.

    Maria Korolov | 26 Nov | Read more

  • Attackers trading malware for privilege

    Hackers will use malware, among other techniques, to break into enterprise systems but once they're in, they're likely to switch away from malware to abusing privileged accounts, according to a report released today by CyberArk Software, Ltd., an Israel-based vendor of security solutions for privileged accounts.

    Maria Korolov | 20 Nov | Read more

  • Next year's DDOS attacks to come from Vietnam, India and Indonesia

    Vietnam, India and Indonesia might not have the most advanced Internet infrastructure, but they do have a large number of insecure smartphones coming online, making them the big botnet sources for next year's distributed denial of service attacks, according to a report released today by Black Lotus Communications, a DDOS mitigation vendor.

    Maria Korolov | 20 Nov | Read more

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