In Pictures: 7 ideas for security leaders

Seven inspiring ideas for small changes that lead to big improvements in both security posture and leadership in the next few weeks.

In Pictures: 7 ideas for security leaders next


A brief pause before decisive action We know the routine of the new year is settling in when the predictions stop, the resolutions go by the wayside, and the rhythm of work takes hold.

This is the perfect time to pause. For just a moment. Then to act, decisively.

Sometimes one small change is all that is needed to create big results. In security, both small changes and big results are needed. To help focus our efforts, I asked five people that inspired me last year to share one thing to change this year.

I also reached out to two respected advisors for a small bonus. What follows are 7 solid suggestions to create a foundation for success in 2015. Quick actions and small changes you can make before the end of the first quarter.

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In Pictures: 7 ideas for security leaders

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