In Pictures: 7 faces of ‘hacking’ hysteria

For these unfortunate souls, the potential punishments far outweighed the alleged crimes

In Pictures: 7 faces of ‘hacking’ hysteria next


Businesses and politicians are understandably concerned about the threat of cybercrime, given the rising threat of international cyber crime syndicates, some of which are backed by foreign governments. Unfortunately, lawmakers and business leaders have proven themselves overzealous at times in their pursuit of alleged hackers and small-time cybercriminals, abusing their expansive resources, their power, and poorly written legislation like the DMCA, whether to silence and subdue legitimate researchers and developers or to make examples of small-fish hacktivists and pirates through disproportionately harsh fines and jail sentences. In this slideshow, we present some of the faces of people who’ve felt the brunt of this cyber crime and hacking hysteria since 2000.

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In Pictures: 7 faces of ‘hacking’ hysteria

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