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Espionage outpacing financial crime as better reporting improves security picture: Verizon

By David Braue | 23 April, 2014 08:12

Growing data sharing between security and law-enforcement organisations may be improving visibility of the global cybercrime risk, but many Asia-Pacific region companies continue to jeopardise their data with lax security, senior Verizon security executives have warned on the release of the company's latest comprehensive security report.

AusCERT 2013: Companies unaware of IPv6 security risk even if they’re not using it

By David Braue | 24 May, 2013 15:17

Software vendors’ proactive approach to IPv6 has created a glaring security hole for companies that think they haven’t activated the next-generation Internet addressing protocol yet, Cisco Systems consulting security engineer Stefan Avgoustakis has warned.

AFP takes cyber safety to the people

By Hamish Barwick | 14 March, 2013 11:36

A multi-faceted approach covering law enforcement, education and user vigilance is vital for cyber safety in Australia to succeed according to the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

Data breach: Only 16 per cent self-identified

By Liam Tung | 08 February, 2012 13:26 | 1 Comment

Only 16 per cent of organisations that faced a breach in 2011 detected it prior to a notification by a third party, according to an analysis of investigations conducted last year by Trustwave's SpiderLabs security team.

Security culture begins at the top

By Wayne Chung | 02 February, 2012 11:03 | 6 Comments

What’s the most important factor of a successful security program? Technology such as endpoint protection? Making sure your change management processes and system development life cycle includes consideration of security risks? Strong policies? Not quite.


9 tips, tricks and must-haves for security awareness programs

By Joan Goodchild | 21 June, 2013 14:53

What are the essential ingredients for making a security awareness program successful? Check out these 9 tips from CSO contributors on how to make awareness work in your organization.


Nasty Ruby on Rails vulnerabilities highlight small websites' risk to us all

By Stilgherrian | 11 January, 2013 09:00 | 1 Comment

The revelation of serious long-term vulnerabilities in the popular Ruby on Rails web programming framework is just one of three events in the last 72 hours that have convinced me that improvement in web application security is impossible -- unless both developers and business managers seriously lift their game.

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Warning: Tips for secure mobile holiday shopping

I’m dating myself, but I remember when holiday shopping involved pouring through ads in the Sunday paper, placing actual phone calls from tethered land lines to research product stock and availability, and actually driving places to pick things up. Now, holiday shoppers can do all of that from a smartphone or tablet in a few seconds, but there are some security pitfalls to be aware of.