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IT Risk Management :The Evolving Nature

By Anthony Caruana | 27 August, 2014 15:08

Peter Cooper, Group Information Security Manager, Woolworths says the value IT can bring "is to do what we do faster. The best value we can bring to our important business colleagues is help business processes. But doing things faster brings new risk".

From IT Security to Information Security — How Technology Is Not The Greatest Challenge in Protecting Your Information Online

By Anthony Caruana | 27 August, 2014 14:54

Michael Rothery, First Assistance Secretary for National Security Resilience Policy at Department of the Attorney General says that in order to deliver effective security and risk management the key question is "Who owns the risk?".

What does success mean when we are performing risk assessments

By Anthony Caruana | 27 August, 2014 14:31

During her presentation at the Gartner Security and Risk summit held in Sydney, Gartner Research Director, Anne Robins looked at the difference between successful risk assessments and unsuccessful assessments and what they mean for your business.

Gartner Security and Risk Summit Opens

By Anthony Caruana | 26 August, 2014 15:15

Opened by John Girard, the Gartner Security and Risk Summit has a focus on creating a culture of risk management and security.

The week in security: Attacks continue; are you ready for 2013?

By David Braue | 19 December, 2012 13:06

Are your BYOD-embracing employees decommissioning their old mobile devices to ensure they can't still access your corporate networks?


Nasty Ruby on Rails vulnerabilities highlight small websites' risk to us all

By Stilgherrian | 11 January, 2013 09:00 | 1 Comment

The revelation of serious long-term vulnerabilities in the popular Ruby on Rails web programming framework is just one of three events in the last 72 hours that have convinced me that improvement in web application security is impossible -- unless both developers and business managers seriously lift their game.

Opinion : Mark Ames discusses "Value for Policy"

By Mark Ames | 08 July, 2011 06:12

Your board and audit committee are looking for reduction in risk exposure driven by your information security policy. Is this something you can track and measure?

Patriot Act, not products, ups Cloud risks for CIOs

By Rodney Gedda | 04 July, 2011 11:39

The global release of Microsoft’s Office 365 last week has raised a simple, sobering thought about dealing with US Cloud providers – they are subject to the US Patriot Act and the data they manage may be accessed by the US government regardless of where it is stored around the world. Before CIOs shun Cloud services altogether, let’s put the news in context.

Social media - part 3

By Breed Lewis | 12 March, 2011 10:00

We like our risk management, don’t we? It allows us to identify risks, and take action to mitigate them. Risk Management can and should be applied to social media usage. It makes good sense to manage the risk by having a very clear social media policy.

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Warning: Tips for secure mobile holiday shopping

I’m dating myself, but I remember when holiday shopping involved pouring through ads in the Sunday paper, placing actual phone calls from tethered land lines to research product stock and availability, and actually driving places to pick things up. Now, holiday shoppers can do all of that from a smartphone or tablet in a few seconds, but there are some security pitfalls to be aware of.