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How to explain cyber security to your board

If you're like most, you face a conflicting challenge around security: while there is increased focus on digitalisation of the business, at the same time the threats to the business have not been fully addressed – or even planned for.

David Gee | 02 Jun | Read more

Security threats through the Cloud

As with most of technology, security goes through periodic changes, cycles and generations. Hardware, software, applications and methodologies all mature, become commoditised and standardised to the point of being invisible, and then are reinvented in a new evolved form. New platforms and new devices create new opportunities but are also subject to new evolved threats – something that remains true of security.

Gordon Makryllos | 24 Sep | Read more

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Opinion:Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) Melbourne – an extraordinary collaboration for good

A marathon hack event held over a June weekend in Melbourne attracted more than 50 developers and designers, and a dozen subject matter and technical experts to ‘hack for humanity’. They volunteered their time to create open source solutions for communities impacted by natural disasters and climate change. These prototypes are available to assist in disaster relief planning, emergency management and community recovery.

Jane Treadwell | 14 Jul | Read more

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Car recalls and sabotage attacks against MES systems

No doubt you had heard about Chrysler’s recall of affected cars]] as it appeared in all the top media. You’ll be even more surprised if you see how many recalls happened because of technical issues in recent months. But there is something that we may miss beyond the headlines, some important potential sabotage vectors may happen or are even happening now to increase these statistics.

Alexander Polyakov | 28 Aug | Read more

When Third Party Network Access Compromises Security

Almost every organisation encounters situations where there is a need to provide third parties with access to the enterprise network. These external users include hardware or software vendors that deliver remote service and maintenance. Supply chain vendors may seek network access to fulfil orders or monitor inventory. Web services companies need access to build and maintain the company website. The list of people who want to stay close is big and growing.

Sam Ghebranious | 27 Aug | Read more

Three security threats keeping service providers on their toes

While security threats have always been present, modern technology has provided more avenues for attacks and subsequently amplified the related risks. With broadband and Internet traffic growing ten-fold from the days of 2G and 3G to today’s 4G speeds, security concerns have also escalated with resources available for DoS or DDoS attacks.

Boonchareon Chong | 27 Aug | Read more

Why you should not trust your Digital Certificates

As humans have always used a physical signature as a method to provide a verification of identity. Hence we sign contracts and in the past we used our (John Hancock) signature to access our bank accounts. If I have a signed document, then it is attributed a degree of trust.

David Gee | 26 Aug | Read more

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