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How to explain cyber security to your board

If you're like most, you face a conflicting challenge around security: while there is increased focus on digitalisation of the business, at the same time the threats to the business have not been fully addressed – or even planned for.

David Gee | 02 Jun | Read more

Security threats through the Cloud

As with most of technology, security goes through periodic changes, cycles and generations. Hardware, software, applications and methodologies all mature, become commoditised and standardised to the point of being invisible, and then are reinvented in a new evolved form. New platforms and new devices create new opportunities but are also subject to new evolved threats – something that remains true of security.

Gordon Makryllos | 24 Sep | Read more

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Opinion:Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) Melbourne – an extraordinary collaboration for good

A marathon hack event held over a June weekend in Melbourne attracted more than 50 developers and designers, and a dozen subject matter and technical experts to ‘hack for humanity’. They volunteered their time to create open source solutions for communities impacted by natural disasters and climate change. These prototypes are available to assist in disaster relief planning, emergency management and community recovery.

Jane Treadwell | 14 Jul | Read more

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​The growing threats in the payment industry

As the sophistication of cyber-attacks continues to increase, it has never been more important for organisations to implement the right security. This is especially relevant to the financial services industry, where there is a large amount of sensitive data at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

Nick Race | 06 Oct | Read more

​Proactive Security, Taking a Step Forward

Today’s businesses face the most complex and innovative threat landscape we have ever seen, and unfortunately the bad guys are winning far too often. Deploying additional layers of security and new technologies doesn’t appear to be helping – so what can we do? By augmenting our existing incident response (IP) processes with a more proactive threat-hunting approach, we can counter the inventiveness of our human adversary with the skills of our security analysts – rather than trusting purely in technology to save us.

Nick Race | 30 Sep | Read more

​Data Classification: the first step in securing your intellectual property

The notorious Ashley Madison hack should make every organisation that holds data (ie every company on the planet) look very seriously at their data holdings. The moment that you enter someone’s details into your organisation’s database, you are responsible for ensuring that those details remain private and confidential. Not only is this a responsible business practice but, in most countries, it is the law. So if you get hacked and your data is compromised, you could be liable for prosecution…not to mention your company’s name in the papers for all the wrong reasons.

Phil Parent | 29 Sep | Read more

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