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Why your information security stinks & what to do

Amit Yoran was the Department of Homeland Security's first director of the National Cyber Security Division of the Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection office. But by September 2004 he was frustrated by what he saw as a lack of concern and commitment to Internet security. So he quit his post.

Bill Brenner | 22 Apr | Read more

IT Advocate: The privacy minefield

There are significant differences between state and federal privacy legislation. CIOs who deal with government agencies or other public sector organisations must determine the privacy laws applicable to them – and how best to accommodate them.

Emma Weedon | 15 Sep | Read more

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Mandatory breach notification laws crucial to new age of knowledge sharing

With the recent passing of mandatory data notification laws through the Senate, Australia is poised for a new dawn of accountability, transparency, and cyber knowledge sharing. Until now, it has been too easy for Australian organisations to indulge in denial, preferring to keep data breaches quiet for fear of damage to reputation, which erodes consumer trust and often results in costly litigation. This approach has not only placed short term business imperatives above the concerns and needs of their customers, but it has also impeded the effective sharing of threat intelligence that can collectively make all organisations more secure.

Dr Rajiv Shah | 10 Mar | Read more

Securing the Internet of Things

There are between six and twelve billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices out there and this number is expected to grow to between 20 and 30 billion by 2020, depending on which industry expert’s prediction you trust. Unfortunately these devices don’t just pose risks to their owners, because attackers have now learned how to compromise IoT devices and effectively weaponise them to use against others.

Tim Murphy | 09 Mar | Read more

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