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How to explain cyber security to your board

If you're like most, you face a conflicting challenge around security: while there is increased focus on digitalisation of the business, at the same time the threats to the business have not been fully addressed – or even planned for.

David Gee | 02 Jun | Read more

Security threats through the Cloud

As with most of technology, security goes through periodic changes, cycles and generations. Hardware, software, applications and methodologies all mature, become commoditised and standardised to the point of being invisible, and then are reinvented in a new evolved form. New platforms and new devices create new opportunities but are also subject to new evolved threats – something that remains true of security.

Gordon Makryllos | 24 Sep | Read more

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Why your information security stinks & what to do

Amit Yoran was the Department of Homeland Security's first director of the National Cyber Security Division of the Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection office. But by September 2004 he was frustrated by what he saw as a lack of concern and commitment to Internet security. So he quit his post.

Bill Brenner | 22 Apr | Read more

IT Advocate: The privacy minefield

There are significant differences between state and federal privacy legislation. CIOs who deal with government agencies or other public sector organisations must determine the privacy laws applicable to them – and how best to accommodate them.

Emma Weedon | 15 Sep | Read more

Five mistakes security pros would make again

Ten years ago, Michael Riva was network administrator for a top-five American consultancy. Employees were downloading graphic pictures and videos onto the network. Riva told his boss a proxy server with content filtering might be in order; his boss laughed and suggested they put in a bigger file server instead.

Bill Brenner | 30 Sep | Read more

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The Nine Traits of Next Generation Authentication and Authorisation

Historical forms of authentication were never meant for the networked landscape we live in today. The first passwords were adequate authentication solutions only because the systems they secured were isolated. Unfortunately, the isolated systems that pervaded the early days of the computer revolution have set the foundation for authentication in the Internet Age.

Geoff Sanders | 29 Jul | Read more

How to Stop Stegoloader and Other Types of Digital Steganography Malware

Back in 440 BCE, a Spartan king named Demaratus secretly warned an ally of an imminent attack by writing a message on the wooden back of a wax tablet, and then applying a beeswax surface to hide it. Not only did this clever move help thwart the attack, but it’s an early example of what would later be called steganography: the practice of concealing a message within another message. Well, fast forward about two and a half millennia -- and swap a world full of wax tablets to one full of digital tablets -- and cyber criminals have borrowed a tactic from the Ancient Spartan Royalty playbook by unleashing Stegoloader: a nasty new malware that hides within a PNG image file, so that it can covertly infect endpoints and raid businesses of their confidential data.

Israel Levy | 24 Jul | Read more

LogRhythm Security Survey – prize terms and conditions

By participating in CSO and LogRythm's survey on Security, you will go into the draw for a chance to win a LEGO® DC Comics™ Batman Tumbler or the equivalent of $400 Visa Cashcard. Simply complete the LogRhythm survey in full to go into the draw. The survey opens on 30/07/2015 and closes on 01/12/2015. The prize draw will take place on 4th December 2015.

CSO staff | 23 Jul | Read more

Data breach readiness a board dialogue: “Not if but when”

When Target was breached a little over 24 months ago, it was called the biggest data breach to date. Then there were breaches at Home Depot and JP Morgan Chase followed by Anthem and the landmark event of 2014/2015 with the Sony data breach, an event that prompted the United States to issue sanctions against North Korea. Cyber security suddenly became a topic of discussion at board level and senior executives across industries started to ask questions on whether their organisations were prepared for a cyber-incident.

Puneet Kukreja | 21 Jul | Read more

Seven things you didn’t know about the Deep Web

You’ve probably heard about the Deep Web; it become more well-known circa 2013 when the FBI took down the Silk Road drug marketplace. This brought widespread attention to the level of underground activity that goes on in this place on the internet that’s not accessible to anyone using a standard browser.

Dhanya Thakkar | 10 Jul | Read more

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