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Sharing BYODs with family is risky business

Employees who share their Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) work tools with family are one of dozens of risks organisations should consider before embracing the consumerisation of IT, the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) says in a new report.

Liam Tung | 15 Oct | Read more

MDM is dead, long live MDM

The ever-expanding number of mobile devices, operating systems and applications – as well as the fact that many employees are likely to resist efforts to impose mobile device management (MDM) strictures on them – mean traditional MDM is dead, Symantec executives have warned.

David Braue | 21 Sep | Read more

CSO: the art of catching the board's ear

The success of a CSO and the enterprise’s security strategy depends on awareness at the C-level of not just the threats, but their implications, making communications and building alliances outside IT the key to a CSO’s success. The battle to secure data has become a more vicious and dynamic beast today, according to Mike Rothman, CEO of analyst firm Securosis, who says attackers, including actors who may have “very deep pockets” that tilt the balance of power in their favour. Add these to the chaos of hacktivists, well-organised cybercriminals, social media and Cloud computing, and the challenges that CSOs face in protecting corporate data become clear.

Liam Tung | 18 Jun | Read more

2012: Next-generation threats need next-generation firewalls

It wasn’t too long ago that security vendors were touting new ‘heuristic’, or behaviour based, analysis as a newfangled way to spot new viruses that were generated by hacker toolkits and didn’t match any known signature on file. These days, however, heuristics are less a luxury than the standard operating procedure as globally connected malware authors spew new threats faster than ever and even the most diligent companies continue to suffer the indignity of successful security attacks.

David Braue | 14 Jun | Read more

Malicious QR codes: a mobile security blind spot

It's hard to read in-store signage, magazine or newspaper advertisements or product brochures these days without seeing a quick response Code (QR Code) – the blocky, square two-dimensional barcodes that let smartphone users quickly jump to a Web address by simply taking a photo of the code block.

David Braue | 02 May | Read more

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