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XSS web attacks could live forever, researcher warns

By Lucian Constantin | 05 October, 2011 01:55

Websites that accidentally distribute rogue code could find it harder to undo the damage if attackers exploit widespread browser support for HTML5 local storage and an increasing tendency for heavy users of Web apps never to close their browser.

Flash Player 11: Adobe's great security hope

By Stilgherrian | 04 October, 2011 08:59

Flash Player 11 should fix plenty of security holes, just like Adobe Reader X did a year ago. But Adobe's products will continue to be a target as long as people insist on running obsolete software.

Massive Security Vulnerability in HTC Android Phones Claimed

By John P. Mello Jr. | 03 October, 2011 19:14

Security researchers say they've uncovered a flaw in several smartphone models produced by HTC that gives any application that has Internet access the keys to a trove of information on the phone, including e-mail addresses, GPS locations, phone numbers, and text message data.

IBM X-Force: Mobile devices are a fast growing target of malware

By Tim Greene | 30 September, 2011 09:42

Look for double the mobile exploits this year vs. 2010 and particularly watch out for mobile applications that are really malware, says IBM's X-Force security research team.

IBM: Don’t bully the ‘idiots’ who fall for phishing

By Liam Tung | 30 September, 2011 07:11

IT professionals should stop mocking their users for doing seemingly stupid things like opening phishing emails, according to IBM. These un-patchable people could turn out to be the canary that flags the next Advanced Persistent Threat attack.

Amazon's Silk browser raises privacy, security eyebrows

By Gregg Keizer | 30 September, 2011 06:39

Amazon's new Silk browser has raised some eyebrows among privacy and security experts.

Russian company adds BlackBerry password cracker

By Jeremy Kirk | 29 September, 2011 20:52

A Russian security company has upgraded a phone-password cracking suite with the ability to figure out the master device password for Research in Motion's BlackBerry devices.

Rema Tip Top studies tablets following security upgrade

By Hamish Barwick | 26 September, 2011 09:43

Automotive and industrial products company Rema Tip Top Australia has begun the process of a tablet review following the implementation of a new firewall system.

iPhone 5 dream a BYO security nightmare

By David Braue | 29 September, 2011 12:17 | 2 Comments

If your company is like most, you've been wrestling carefully with the security protections necessary to manage demand for bring-your-own (BYO) computing policies. You may even work at Suncorp or one of the other organisations, that have embraced the idea as a way to reduce IT costs and boost employee satisfaction.

Catching up with mobile security threats

By Elisabeth Horwitt | 29 September, 2011 08:29

Development of enterprise mobile apps has been moving more slowly than development of consumer-facing apps, according to Gartner. One main reason is IT leaders' concerns about the security of mobile devices, which are often employees' personal devices, and are vulnerable to being lost, hacked or stolen. While there are plenty of established tools and practices for keeping Web visitors from straying (or hacking) into sensitive corporate data, managing security across a diverse set of mobile devices remains a challenge, IT experts say.

Tips for better mobile security

By Matt Rodgers | 26 September, 2011 12:25

In the last 18-months, the mobile computing landscape has changed completely. People are bringing their own computers to the office and carrying smartphones and tablet devices that are as powerful as desktop computers were only a short while ago. Here’s how to make sure these devices don’t compromise your organisation.

Microsoft spikes third botnet and Mac fake AV host

By Liam Tung | 28 September, 2011 06:31

Microsoft has pulled off its third technical and legal botnet takedown, this time aimed at the Kelihos botnet and a domain responsible for the recent spate of MacDefender malware attacks on Mac users.

BoxTone blends mobile device control with enterprise directories, policies

By John Cox | 28 September, 2011 01:31

BoxTone has released a new version of its mobile device management software, which now works with existing enterprise policy-setting and security tools. This integration lets enterprise IT staff apply those tools to mobile users.

BoxTone Adds Automated Security to Mobile Software

By Al Sacco | 27 September, 2011 02:54

BoxTone, an enterprise mobility management software provider, today announced new enhancements to its Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform that are designed to help CIOs, CISOs and other IT managers meet security and compliance regulations while managing large numbers of employee- and corporate-owned mobile devices.

Smartphone users think security is ‘too expensive’

By Liam Tung | 26 September, 2011 08:43 | 2 Comments

Despite widespread security concerns by smartphone users, 82 per cent do not have any security products installed, a survey by research group NPD has found.

Facebook's Timeline will be boon for hackers

By Gregg Keizer | 24 September, 2011 05:53

Facebook's new Timeline will make it even easier for criminals and others to mine the social network for personal information they can use to launch malicious attacks and steal passwords, a researcher said today.

Android devices exposed: 7 ways to thwart hackers

By Bill Snyder | 22 September, 2011 11:57

There's a new report out highlighting a huge spike in threats against Google's Android platform. It's something to be concerned about. But don't freak out or return your cool new Samsung Galaxy Tab.

McAfee Delivers Comprehensive Protection for Mobile Devices

By Tony Bradley | 21 September, 2011 22:31

Just when you were starting to get ahead of the curve when it comes to locking down the network and protecting PCs, everything went mobile. Not just laptops--but tablets, and smartphones that run unique operating systems and applications on completely different hardware. To help you combat the dramatic rise in mobile security threats, McAfee has developed Enterprise Mobility Management.

Former cybersecurity czar Clarke says smartphones, digital certificates create huge security problems

By Ellen Messmer | 20 September, 2011 03:31

Former White House cybersecurity adviser Richard Clarke, author of the book Cyber War, served 19 years in the Pentagon, intelligence community and State Department.

16 essential Android apps for IT pros

By Eric Geier | 19 September, 2011 20:32

There are hundreds of thousands of Android apps, including many that are useful for IT professionals on the job. These apps can help connect to servers, monitor computers, access databases, analyze the airwaves, scan networks, and serve as a reference. Here are 16 of these apps, most of them free.

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