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How to lock down your wireless network

If you operate a wireless network for your home or business, it's important to ward it against opportunistic hackers seeking to steal your data or hijack your Wi-Fi for their own nefarious purposes. We spoke to Steven Andrés, CTO of security consulting firm Special Ops Security, to learn about the best ways to lock down your Wi-Fi. To get started, you'll need to log in to your router's administrative console by typing the router's IP address into your Web browser's address bar. Most routers use a common address like, though alternatives like and are also common. Check the manual that came with your router to determine the correct IP address; if you've lost your manual, you can usually find the appropriate IP address on the manufacturer's website.

Alex Wawro | 12 Nov | Read more

Wi-Fi security do's and don'ts

Wi-Fi is inherently susceptible to hacking and eavesdropping, but it can be secure if you use the right <a href="">security</a> measures. Unfortunately, the Web is full of outdated advice and myths. But here are some do's and don'ts of Wi-Fi security, addressing some of these myths.

Eric Geier | 07 Nov | Read more

A first look at Sophos Mobile Control

People are accessing the internet (and their own corporate services) in changing ways, increasingly through a single mobile device. Focus is increasingly placed on smartphones to stay up-to-date socially and professionally, and the blurring of these roles poses new security challenges for all businesses.

Enex Testlab | 03 Nov | Read more

Five Steps to Mobile Device Management and Security

First there were sewing-machine sized portable PCs, then laptops, the Newton, the Palm Pilot, and phones with built-in PDA functions. The iPhone led the way to the ubiquitous smartphone, and the iPad ushered in an era of tablets. Now wireless hotspots, printers, storage, and a variety of other devices are making their way onto your office network, possibly without the knowledge of managers.

Logan G. Harbaugh | 03 Nov | Read more

In pictures: ISACA One Day Summit

ISACA Sydney presented the 4th annual One Day Summit on Tuesday October 25, 2011 at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney. This year, the theme was "Technology on the Move" which focussed on mobility and cloud computing as well as IT governance, change management, risk management and Advanced Persistent Threats. Following the keynote presentation and individual speakers, a panel was held to broaden the discussion.

Zennith Geisler | 27 Oct | Read more

McAfee's DeepSAFE: Beyond OS, beyond need?

McAfee's Focus 11 conference — like every vendor's conference — isn't really about the open sharing of detailed technical information. That takes place at events like AusCERT or Black Hat. It's about preparing soil for the seeds of marketing.

Stilgherrian | 21 Oct | Read more

McAfee confirms Android as favourite mobile target

On one wall of McAfee's expensive-looking executive briefing centre in Santa Clara, California, a live feed from the company's Global Threat Intelligence system displays the names of malware variants as they're detected in real time -- red LEDs on shiny black acrylic.

Stilgherrian | 19 Oct | Read more

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