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How to protect children online

In the old days it was easy. Teach your kids to cross the road safely, stay in well lit areas and avoid contact with strangers. Do those things and life was pretty safe. But today, our children are "friends" with people they have never met and are unlikely to meet IRL (in real life – because now we speak in acronyms and initialisations rather than real words!).

Anthony Caruana | 11 Jul | Read more

Mainstream Internet of Things raising consumer security, privacy concerns

Computers and mobile devices are already copping an onslaught of security breaches, but the situation could get a whole lot worse given the results of a pair of surveys suggesting the Internet of Things (IoT) concept – espoused by both Apple and Google in their burgeoning home and car connectivity initiatives – is both increasingly desirable and a source of growing concern about security and privacy.

David Braue | 03 Jul | Read more

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