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Google Wallet Security Concerns Raised

Google's new <a href="">NFC system</a> that purports to turn your phone into a credit card can be compromised using a brute-force attack -- and that raises questions about its security.

Sarah Jacobsson Purewal | 10 Feb | Read more

4 keys for IP protection

Do you think data breaches are up or down in 2011 compared to 2007 or 2008? The official answer may surprise you. According to DatalossDB and the 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report [<a href="">PDF link</a>] by Verizon, the number of records compromised per year has been decreasing since its 2008 peak. But these reports are missing something very important. It all comes down to what is reported. Last year I met with more than 450 CIOs and CSOs, and almost all of them said that incidents are way up. New breaches are constantly making headlines, so why is there a discrepancy between our perception and what these reports are finding?

Jason Clark | 07 Feb | Read more

SaaS, APTs and asymmetric risk take spotlight at Security Threats 2012

I had the opportunity to speak at a new security conference last week, Security Threats 2012. I presented on the topic of balancing business benefits with risks in the cloud (more on that later), but the event touched on a wide range of pertinent IT topics, provoking stimulating discussions of some of the most pressing challenges business leaders are facing.

Bernard Golden | 03 Feb | Read more

Symantec recants Android malware claims

Symantec has backtracked from assertions last week that 13 Android apps distributed by Google's Android Market were malicious, and now says that the code in question comes from an aggressive ad network that provides revenue to the smartphone programs.

Gregg Keizer | 02 Feb | Read more

Are users the weakest link in the security chain?

IT departments often write users off as being of low importance, but they actually have a primary role to play in corporate security. Experts agree that overall security is only really equal to the security of its weakest link – and when it comes to corporate security, that link is the user.

Gordon Makryllos | 20 Dec | Read more

Expect conflict in 2012 as consumerisation raises security alarm bells for CIOs

End users everywhere are demanding that IT executives figure out how to let them bring their own smartphones and laptops to work. Yet even as consumerisation tops lists of IT priorities for 2012, vendors are taking new approaches to security as a majority of CIOs worry that the BYO pendulum has swung too far and will, through the normalisation of off-net mobility, create new business risks due to unaddressed shortcomings in management and security strategies.

David Braue | 19 Dec | Read more

The year in review: 2011-2012

2011 has been characterised by highly visible cyber attacks and diversification by cyber criminals to target new platforms, the use of mobile devices for business has come to the fore. 2011 has also seen the UK Government place a heavy focus on the importance of cyber security. The activities of a number of high-profile hacktivist groups without the financial motives of previous years, have made uncomfortable headlines for many companies, raising cyber security as a topic among a much wider audience.

James Lyne | 13 Dec | Read more

Mobile device management -- what you should know

One of the biggest technology trends this year has been the continuing influx of consumer-oriented into the workplace. From <a href="">iPads and iPhones</a> to Android phones and tablets, 2011 will go down as the year the consumerization of IT reached a critical mass. It's no longer a question of whether IT departments will support and embrace consumer-first devices, <a href="">bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs</a> and the expanded sphere of mobile platforms -- now, the issue is more about when and how.

Ryan Faas | 09 Dec | Read more

Carrier IQ security risks overblown?

While we wait for the final judgment on the privacy implications of the <a href="">Carrier IQ fiasco</a>, security pros are asking what the potential security implications of the embattled mobile diagnostic software could be.

George V. Hulme | 08 Dec | Read more

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