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2012: the Year of Cyberwar that wasn't

It was going to be the year of cyberwar, we were told on the eve of 2012. We've seen plenty of scary news stories since about dangerous nation-state actors, usually without naming them. But I reckon we've now got the focus wrong.

Stilgherrian | 21 Dec | Read more

Australia lags in online security awareness

An online survey of IT managers polled more than 2000 companies, each with 500 or more employees, in several countries—Australia, Canada, the United States, Germany, UK, France, Brazil, and India. 225 firms were surveyed in Australia.

CSO staff | 21 Dec | Read more

What IT security professionals can learn from Click Frenzy

Aside from the hard lesson learned that failure to plan and prepare will most certainly lead to disaster, there are some important lessons on governing and best practice implementation security professionals need to take from the Click Frenzy event, according to cloud computing and security experts.

CSO staff | 27 Nov | Read more

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