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Mobility & Social Media technologies combine lead to Governement jitters

By Rob Forsyth | 05 September, 2011 13:04

Since the outbreak of civil unrest in the Middle East, we have seen an increased focus on the role played by social networking and mobility. When these two technologies are combined, the ability of a ‘flash mob’ to rally behind a single idea, or to a single location, has greatly increased.

P2P Concerns - Neil Gaughan (Australian Federal Police) talks to CSO

By Neil Gaughan | 05 September, 2011 12:09

Technology is a wonderful thing but while the majority of people will use it for proper and honest purposes, there will always be a small percentage who will use it for unethical reasons. And this is an important point to make – people use the technology for illegal or immoral purposes; the technology itself is not the issue.

Hackers steal SSL certificates for CIA, MI6, Mossad

By Gregg Keizer | 05 September, 2011 07:50

The tally of digital certificates stolen from a Dutch company in July has exploded to more than 500, including ones for intelligence services like the CIA, the U.K.'s MI6 and Israel's Mossad, a Mozilla developer said Sunday.

Mozilla blocks Dutch Govt DigiNotar SSL certificates

By Liam Tung | 05 September, 2011 07:35

The impact of the breach of Dutch Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate authority (CA) DigiNotar has widened as Dutch authorities confirm its own certificate program was compromised in the attack, likely meaning a massive clean up job for its websites.

British Police Nab Men Believed Linked to HBGary Breach

By John P. Mello Jr. | 05 September, 2011 01:27

HBGary Federal was just one of many low-profile security contractors peddling its wares to clients with secrets to protect -- until earlier this year when the U.S. firm drew the attention of hackers.

Security Threat: Beware the Office Multifunction Printer

By Robert Vamosi | 03 September, 2011 06:22

Cybercriminals are always looking for easy ways to break into your network, whether at work or at home. In a talk at this summer's DefCon 19 conference, security researcher Deral Heiland demonstrated various ways to compromise Internet-ready consumer-grade multifunction printers. These include printers that can scan to a file, scan to email, and fax documents, and the vulnerabilities he found are similar across all vendors.

WikiLeaks Leak of Its Leaks Puts Sources at Risk

By Tony Bradley | 03 September, 2011 05:42

It is hard not to be the center of controversy when you're a site like WikiLeaks that specializes in exposing information that was never intended for the general public. The whistleblowing, freedom of the press advocate is in hot water again as it is the victim itself of a breach that exposed US State Department communications that had been leaked to it.

Spinoff of Hactivist Group Anonymous Targets Celebrities

By John P. Mello Jr. | 03 September, 2011 03:11

A faction of the infamous hacktivist collective Anonymous appears to be branching off from the group's social responsibility mission and getting into the celebrity snooping business.

Security rundown for the week ending Sept. 2

By Ellen Messmer | 03 September, 2011 02:37

A mish-mash of security issues came up this week, everything from how to protect virtualized environments to a system that protects copper in utility sites from robbery and a story about digital certificate thefts.

Cyber crime, still a priority

By Peter Nalika | 03 September, 2011 00:09

"$10,000, Expert, Please, Help, are some of the common words that compose emails used to lure innocent victims by cyber criminals" says Longe Oluminde Babatope, a cyber-security expert from Nigeria. Longe adds that most of these emails are rich in vocabularies, when such words form 5% of an email, with special characters and different reply links, then these emails should immediately be marked as spam.

Mobile apps and security: What you need to know

By Lisa Banks | 02 September, 2011 17:16

A Melbourne-based app developer has spoken about the security pitfalls of smartphone apps, saying that while certain mobile environments are more susceptible to malware, such risks can be eliminated through encryption and using common sense.

UK charges two, arrest two more linked with Anonymous

By Jeremy Kirk | 02 September, 2011 19:58

The U.K. is continuing to aggressively pursue so-called hacktivists, charging two men and arresting two more on Thursday who are allegedly connected with the groups Anonymous and Lulz Security.

Most Influential Security Novels

By Abigail Swabey | 31 August, 2011 19:31

At CSO we are fascinated by the influence of pop-culture on cybercrime and security so we have put together a selection of the most influential security novels.

Hack or no hack, the Linux kernel is well-protected

By Katherine Noyes | 02 September, 2011 10:06

It was shocking to learn yesterday that was hacked last month. News like that is routine in the world at large, but not in the home of the all-important heart of Linux.

RankMyHack Adds Leaderboards, Achievement Points to Hacking

By Kevin Lee | 02 September, 2011 06:59

Hacking has gone the way of FourSquare and gaming in general by adding scores and leaderboards for who can make the most daring hacks. We're not making this up.

Cloud security starts on the ground, not the sky

By Jeff Jedras | 02 September, 2011 01:36

The major security vendors have a strong presence at VMworld 2011, VMware Inc.'s [NYSE: VMW] annual user conference. And it's not surprising, given that security remains a top-of-mind concern for many enterprises considering embracing cloud computing.

Pakistan ISPs told to block VPNs used by militants

By John E Dunn | 01 September, 2011 23:44

Pakistan's notoriously censorious telecoms authority has reportedly asked the country's ISPs to block commercial VPN connections as a way of stopping militants from communicating in secret.

Conference addresses the issues of what business can legally do to defend against cyber attacks

By CSO staff | 01 September, 2011 22:39 | 1 Comment

The rise in cyber attacks continue to increase in frequency and sophistication. Attacking the source of the cyber attacks is illegal, but in instances where the source is known and there is no collateral damage it may be occurring under the guise of active-defence.

AVG 2012: your local pub bouncer made digital

By Stilgherrian | 01 September, 2011 16:45

As AVG Ambassador Tony Anscombe explained the rational behind some of the new features in AVG Internet Security 2012, released today, I couldn't help but think of the bouncer at one of my favourite local pubs.

Report: Yahoo, Tor, Mozilla, WordPress also hit by DigiNotar hack

By Liam Tung | 01 September, 2011 07:29 | 1 Comment

Besides the fraudulent security certificates Dutch authority DigiNotar issued for, more were made for,,, and an Iranian blogging platform, Baladin, according to a Dutch report.

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