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Good fences make good neighbours

It’s not that long since I wrote a blog post bemoaning Australia’s privacy laws as ‘toothless tigers’, pointing to our country’s lack of mandatory disclosure legislation as an ongoing challenge for information security. As such, I welcome Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor’s recent announcement that disclosure and privacy reforms could be fast-tracked - if the department was presented with evidence that enterprise information security was inadequate. For all that, I’ll be keeping the bubbly on ice for the time being...

Phil Vasic | 02 Dec | Read more

7 Ways to Protect Your Business Printers

Can a hacker burn down your business by remotely setting one of your printers on fire? Researchers at Columbia University have recently <a href="">proposed such a scenario</a>, although HP quickly denied that it's possible. However, even if your printers can't be used as remote firestarters, there are many risks involved in networking a printer.

Joseph Fieber | 01 Dec | Read more

Creating a governance framework for cloud security

Cloud computing is revolutionising the way organisations across the world use technology. Despite the stigma cloud computing has gained following a series of high-profile data breaches, the cloud CAN be secure. Patrick Eijkenboom, principal consultant at NetIQ, discusses the importance of using a governance framework for a secure cloud computing environment, regardless of the model you adopt.

Patrick Eijkenboom | 30 Nov | Read more

Fighting Malware and Cybercrime with Old School Criminology

It is an accepted axiom of computer and network security that the human being is the weakest link. Researchers at the University of Maryland are applying traditional criminology concepts to demonstrate that human beings may be the weakest link for the attackers as well. The insights learned may help improve computer defenses and <a href="">thwart potential attacks</a>.

Tony Bradley | 30 Nov | Read more

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