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Pure Hacking service follows stolen data to Google and beyond

A new service tracking the online distribution of sensitive personal information may not always be able to stop fraudsters from distributing sensitive data, but it is still customers’ best chance of knowing what’s been done with their leaked information, Pure Hacking’s chief operating officer has asserted.

David Braue | 14 Aug | Read more

Nonstandard IP port usage a red flag for malware: Palo Alto

The behaviour of IP port-hungry applications like Skype and BitTorrent reflect the type of evasive behaviour that is increasingly being deployed as malware employs ever trickier tactics to avoid detection by conventional firewalls, Palo Alto Networks global senior security analyst Wade Williamson has warned.

David Braue | 24 Jul | Read more

Ubuntu Forums breach affects nearly 2m users

Canonical on Saturday issued an alert that “every user’s local user name, password and email address” had been obtained by hackers. The breach affects about 1.82 million registered users of the site, according to [[xref:|snapshot archive|]] of the site.

Liam Tung | 22 Jul | Read more

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