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Symantec recants Android malware claims

Symantec has backtracked from assertions last week that 13 Android apps distributed by Google's Android Market were malicious, and now says that the code in question comes from an aggressive ad network that provides revenue to the smartphone programs.

Gregg Keizer | 02 Feb | Read more

End-to-End Encryption: The PCI Security Holy Grail

With groups like Anonymous actively looking to embarrass your company, laptops thefts occurring every second, and the recent poor <a href="">US District Court ruling</a> on fifth amendment password protection rights, it is time you actually encrypt your data properly.

Ben Rothke and David Mundhenk | 02 Feb | Read more

What Is Deep Packet Inspection?

It's easy to turn a deaf ear to the controversy surrounding recent copyright protection bills like the <a href="">Stop Online Piracy Act</a> (SOPA) or the <a href="">PROTECT IP Act</a>, which threatened to curtail free speech on the Internet by allowing the U.S. Department of Justice to blacklist and block access to websites suspected of copyright infringement. Most of us don't visit websites suspected of illegally distributing copyrighted material, so blocking us from accessing them seems harmless. But should your <a href="">ISP</a> ever be legally obligated to prevent you from accessing restricted websites, it will have to find a way to monitor your online activity, and that could cause your privacy to be compromised if your ISP employs deep packet inspection tools to keep tabs on you.

Alex Wawro | 02 Feb | Read more

Many pcAnywhere systems still sitting ducks

Despite warnings from security software maker Symantec not to connect its pcAnywhere remote-access software to the Internet, more than 140,000 computers appear to remain configured to allow direct connections from the Internet, thereby putting them at risk.

Robert Lemos | 31 Jan | Read more

Facebook Timeline Privacy Tips: Lockdown Your Profile

Facebook's <a href="">Timeline is coming</a>, <a href="">whether you like it or not</a>, to Facebook accounts everywhere - including yours. I've been using Timeline for about a month now, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Sarah Jacobsson Purewal | 01 Feb | Read more

The week in security: Companies pressured to act on breaches

News of new security breaches continued to roll in throughout the week, with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) kicking off the week with a warning that users of online stockbroking services should review their security, change their passwords, and ensure all software was current. Seems someone has been poking their heads where they shouldn't be, and ASIC is eager to prevent any more unwanted intrusions.

David Braue | 30 Jan | Read more

Symantec: disable pcAnywhere until fully patched

Symantec on Tuesday took the dramatic step of advising customers of its secure communications product pcAnywhere to disable it, confirming that a 2006 data breach in which hackers stole its source code had led to a heightened risk of a successful attack.

Liam Tung | 27 Jan | Read more

The week in security: A bitter bar of SOPA

While much of the online world followed Wikipedia’s unprecedented SOPA legislation protest, security concerns provided a more definitive solution as the Obama administration promised to veto SOPA on the basis that it would push people to “dangerous, unreliable DNS servers” and compromise secure improvements like DNSSEC.

David Braue | 20 Jan | Read more

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