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Enterprises need to focus on data, enterprise culture

It's no secret that enterprise users are bringing more <a href="">types of IT devices to work</a> -- devices not necessarily condoned or managed by IT -- while they're also using more cloud-based services to store, manage and share their work related files.

George V. Hulme | 15 Oct | Read more

Malware found on US drone base was gaming keylogger

The malware <a href="">reported last week to have infected computers</a> used inside the Nevada Air Force base that directs US drone missile attacks has turned out to be a harmless keylogger for stealing gaming passwords.

John E Dunn | 15 Oct | Read more

SecurID by obscurity: It's only a matter of time

I still remember that sunny day, late last century, when I and a handful of journos descended on the North Sydney offices of a small company called Security Dynamics, which had introduced what it said was a foolproof security method: a token that used a secret and encrypted algorithm to generate time-sensitive passcodes to enable two-factor authentication.

David Braue | 13 Oct | Read more

Sony PSN hit by mass password attack

Attackers using a "massive" list of sign-in IDs and password pairs successfully gained access to 93,000 accounts on Sony’s PlayStation Network, Sony Online Entertainment and Sony Entertainment Network.

Liam Tung | 13 Oct | Read more

The SSL certificate industry can and should be replaced

The SSL certificate authorities like <a href="">Comodo</a> that have had their security undermined by hackers shouldn't be trusted, and in fact, the way the entire <a href="">SSL certificate industry of today</a> works can and should be replaced with something better, says <a href="">Moxie Marlinspike</a>, a security expert who's come up with a plan he says will do that.

Ellen Messmer | 13 Oct | Read more

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