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Is vulnerability an objective?

I ended last year with a <a href="">death-of-the-Internet column</a>, and I'm starting off the new year with a death-via-the-Internet one.

Scott Bradner | 04 Jan | Read more

2012: the year business must revisit security basics

It may be that 2<a href="" target="_blank">011 was the year of the DDoS</a>,&nbsp;but security&nbsp;experts warn that 2012 could shape up to be the year businesses really&nbsp;pay the piper as a broad range of attacks pummel them for years spent&nbsp;overlooking and underfunding their security.<br />

David Braue | 23 Dec | Read more

Facebook may be scary, but we love it anyway: research

As a research scientist for Barracuda networks, Daniel Peck has spent much of his time in the last year looking at activity on social networks and analyzing the common tactics used to scam, phish and otherwise trick people into clicking on bad links. A break down of the malicious activity on social networks can be found in By the numbers: How dangerous are Facebook, Twitter, search results (really)?

Joan Goodchild | 09 Dec | Read more

Group test: Encrypted external hard drive reviews

With the increasingly mobile nature of today's workforce, securing your data while on the road has become increasingly important. We've rounded up and tested some of the best encrypted external hard drives on the market, looking at both hardware- and software-encryption based devices.

TechWorld staff | 15 Dec | Read more

Astaro Security Gateway 110 (ASG 110) review

The Astaro Security Gateway 110 (ASG 110) is one of many hardware security appliances available in Astaro's Security Gateway range. This model is designed to protect a small office of up to 10 users with a maximum firewall throughput of 200 Mbps. It can be easily upgraded to the ASG 120 model, which supports up to 50 users.

TechWorld staff | 19 Dec | Read more

Security Operations the Final Frontier – Part III

Security Operations, as a capability, was discussed in the first article of this series: Security Operations the Final Frontier. This was a response to media coverage of a other operations in which information was compromised and data assets were stolen - Operation Shady RAT, Operation Aurora and Operation Night Dragon.

Puneet Kukreja | 20 Dec | Read more

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