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Gang of Zeus-driven bank thieves put out of business

A mid-level organizer of an international online bank-theft ring that relied on the <a href="">Zeus Trojan</a> faces up to 45 years in prison when he is sentenced Jan. 13 after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud and possession of false IDs.

Tim Greene | 27 Sep | Read more

New Mac Trojan pretends to be flash

Mac malware is still quite rare, but there is one new threat floating around that you should be aware of. A new Trojan for Mac OS X disguises itself as an installer for the Adobe Flash Player browser plug-in, according to security software company Intego. The good news (if you want to call it that)? This new malware doesn't appear to have spread very far as of yet.

Nick Mediati | 27 Sep | Read more

New Facebook features: 4 privacy concerns

With Facebook's new Timelines and Open Graph apps, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has advanced his vision of a world that loves to share. Profile pages will soon summarize your life's history, and apps are now able to feed a steady stream of activity to friends and followers automatically.

Jared Newman | 27 Sep | Read more

BoxTone Adds Automated Security to Mobile Software

BoxTone, an enterprise mobility management software provider, today announced new enhancements to its Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform that are designed to help CIOs, CISOs and other IT managers meet security and compliance regulations while managing large numbers of employee- and corporate-owned mobile devices.

Al Sacco | 27 Sep | Read more

Jeanswest: Protecting the brand

Protecting a well-established brand in the face of compromised systems is something Brad Clarence, the systems and support administrator at iconic fashion retailer, Jeanswest, knows a fair bit about. Despite his somewhat misleading title, Clarence is responsible for Jeanswest’s entire network and systems infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand.

Matt Rodgers | 23 Sep | Read more

Mechatronic Security Robot Is Remarkably Formidable

I’m constantly amazed by the creativity that goes into the random things I find on the Internets, and <a href="">this bad-ass robot</a> built by the <a href="">Beatty Family</a> is no exception. This isn’t your ordinary security bot, no sir; rather, it's an armored beast weighing in at 45 pounds that can defend itself with a mounted turret capable of firing 1,000 plastic or metal pellets a minute.

Albert Filice | 23 Sep | Read more

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