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Google Web History vulnerable to new Firesheep hack

Two researchers have shown how a modded version of the <a href="">Firesheep Wi-Fi sniffing tool</a> can be used to access most of a victim's Google Web History, a record of everything an individual has searched for.

John E Dunn | 11 Sep | Read more

How to Protect Yourself From Certificate Bandits

There have been two major Certificate Authority (CA) attacks this year. In March, a hacker successfully penetrated one of the largest CA's on the Web--Comodo--and managed to <a href="">issue bogus certificates</a> to himself (including one for Yahoo). The <a href="">second incident</a> took place this week when a Dutch CA, Diginotar, was compromised and a number of fake certificates were issued.

John P. Mello Jr. | 10 Sep | Read more

PCI compliance requirements for Aussie businesses

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) refer to a set of standards that must be followed by big and small businesses alike when accepting, storing, processing and transmitting customers’ credit card information. To be compliant with PCI standards, all business owners, including online retailers, should adhere to 12 PCI compliance requirements for best security practices.

CIO Staff | 09 Sep | Read more

Understanding PCI compliance auditing

Businesses of all sizes must undertake PCI compliance auditing to ensure that their customers' data is protected during credit or debit card transactions and if stored within any internal business databases.

CIO Staff | 09 Sep | Read more

PCI compliance checklist

If you're business is obliged to undertake a PCI audit, then following a PCI Compliance checklist will ensure that you're security processes and payment processing meet the compliance standards. To ensure that you are meeting PCI compliance standards, you'll need to start by looking at what exactly PCI compliant means.

CIO Staff | 09 Sep | Read more

PCI compliance services in Australia

If you operate, own or hold a management role in an Australian business that stores, transmits and processes customer payment data, you may have recently been contacted by your bank regarding your PCI compliance status.

CIO Staff | 09 Sep | Read more

What is PCI compliance?

If you're wondering exactly what is PCI compliance, the chances are you're one of the many business owners in Australia who've asked themselves this same question. Before answering this question, it's useful to begin by looking at what PCI (and its counterpart DSS) stands for.

CIO Staff | 09 Sep | Read more

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