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BoxTone blends mobile device control with enterprise directories, policies

By John Cox | 28 September, 2011 01:31

BoxTone has released a new version of its mobile device management software, which now works with existing enterprise policy-setting and security tools. This integration lets enterprise IT staff apply those tools to mobile users.

Microsoft promises patch to block BEAST attacks

By Gregg Keizer | 28 September, 2011 06:43

Microsoft today said it will issue a Windows security update to plug a long-known hole in the protocol that secures websites.

Microsoft offers ideas for users to beat the BEAST threat

By Tim Greene | 28 September, 2011 02:26

Microsoft is urging customers to update vulnerable versions of SSL to a newer one that is not susceptible to a recently published exploit called BEAST, but in the meantime it recommends steps that lessen the risk of being victimized.

Russia blames US and Israel for Stuxnet worm

By John E Dunn | 28 September, 2011 00:04

Russia has for the first time laid the blame for the Stuxnet worm at the door of the US and Israel, describing it as "the only proven case of actual cyber-warfare."

Apple updates OS X to block Mac Trojan

By Gregg Keizer | 27 September, 2011 20:47

Apple has updated the bare-bones antivirus protection included with Mac OS X to detect a Trojan horse that poses as a PDF document.

Schumer seeks FTC probe of OnStar privacy policy

By Jaikumar Vijayan | 27 September, 2011 21:09

GM subsidiary OnStar's plan to collect and share GPS tracking and other data from vehicles even after their owners stop subscribing to its service has prompted an outcry from some lawmakers.

Gang of Zeus-driven bank thieves put out of business

By Tim Greene | 27 September, 2011 06:31

A mid-level organizer of an international online bank-theft ring that relied on the Zeus Trojan faces up to 45 years in prison when he is sentenced Jan. 13 after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud and possession of false IDs. hacked to serve malware

By Robert McMillan | 27 September, 2011 05:19

The website for the open-source MySQL database was hacked and used to serve malware to visitors Monday.

New Mac Trojan pretends to be flash

By Nick Mediati | 27 September, 2011 04:52

Mac malware is still quite rare, but there is one new threat floating around that you should be aware of. A new Trojan for Mac OS X disguises itself as an installer for the Adobe Flash Player browser plug-in, according to security software company Intego. The good news (if you want to call it that)? This new malware doesn't appear to have spread very far as of yet.

5 more dirty tricks: Social engineers' latest pick-up lines

By Joan Goodchild | 27 September, 2011 04:45 | 2 Comments

You may now be savvy enough to know that when a friend reaches out on Facebook and says they've been mugged in London and are in desperate need of cash, that it's a scam. But social engineers, the criminals that pull off these kinds of ploys by trying to trick you, are one step ahead.

Romania's anti-cybercrime efforts lack a social component

By Lucian Constantin | 27 September, 2011 04:42

Romania has long been considered a hotbed for cybercriminal activity, but in recent years law enforcement authorities have made significant efforts to crack down on online fraud gangs that steal millions every year from victims worldwide.

New Facebook features: 4 privacy concerns

By Jared Newman | 27 September, 2011 04:07

With Facebook's new Timelines and Open Graph apps, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has advanced his vision of a world that loves to share. Profile pages will soon summarize your life's history, and apps are now able to feed a steady stream of activity to friends and followers automatically.

BoxTone Adds Automated Security to Mobile Software

By Al Sacco | 27 September, 2011 02:54

BoxTone, an enterprise mobility management software provider, today announced new enhancements to its Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform that are designed to help CIOs, CISOs and other IT managers meet security and compliance regulations while managing large numbers of employee- and corporate-owned mobile devices.

Jeanswest: Protecting the brand

By Matt Rodgers | 23 September, 2011 08:53

Protecting a well-established brand in the face of compromised systems is something Brad Clarence, the systems and support administrator at iconic fashion retailer, Jeanswest, knows a fair bit about. Despite his somewhat misleading title, Clarence is responsible for Jeanswest’s entire network and systems infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand.

Smartphone users think security is ‘too expensive’

By Liam Tung | 26 September, 2011 08:43 | 2 Comments

Despite widespread security concerns by smartphone users, 82 per cent do not have any security products installed, a survey by research group NPD has found.

Russia and allies targeted by huge malware campaign

By John E Dunn | 23 September, 2011 23:30

Trend Micro has uncovered evidence of a major targeted malware attack that has managed to infect over 1,400 computers in Russia and its former Soviet satellite states.

Facebook's Timeline will be boon for hackers

By Gregg Keizer | 24 September, 2011 05:53

Facebook's new Timeline will make it even easier for criminals and others to mine the social network for personal information they can use to launch malicious attacks and steal passwords, a researcher said today.

'Lurid' malware hits Russia, CIS countries

By Jeremy Kirk | 23 September, 2011 21:20

The latest espionage-related hacking campaign detailed by security vendor Trend Micro is most notable for the country it does not implicate: China.

Microsoft passes Rustock botnet baton to FBI

By Gregg Keizer | 23 September, 2011 20:52

Microsoft on Thursday wrapped up its civil case against the still-unnamed controllers of the Rustock botnet and handed off the information gleaned during its investigation to the FBI.

Unpatched databases still causing compromises: McAfee

By Hamish Barwick | 19 September, 2011 11:26

Resistance from database administrators to follow the advice of IT security staff and patch databases because of the time involved is leaving a door open for hackers, according to one security expert.

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