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111 arrested in massive ID theft bust

Prosecutors call it the biggest identity theft bust in US history. On Friday, 111 bank tellers, retail workers, waiters and alleged criminals were charged with running a credit-card-stealing organization that stole more than $US13 million in less than a year-and-a-half.

Robert McMillan | 08 Oct | Read more

Storm brewing

This summer I embarked on my annual vacation with my wife and daughter. As usual, we spent a day packing the ever-present SUV with what looked like three months' worth of supplies and headed to a favorite island of ours for a week of relaxation.

Bob Bragdon | 08 Oct | Read more

Security roundup: Steve Jobs, Apple and IT security; DDoS attacks against VoIP; a hot week for SIEM

This week the respectful thoughts of many turned to <a href="">Steve Jobs</a>, the legendary co-founder of <a href="">Apple</a>, who passed away at the age of 56. When it comes to <a href="">security</a>, Apple computers were remarkable for the kinds of troubles they largely didn't have in comparison to <a href="">Microsoft</a>-based computers with their high rate of enterprise adoption that the Apple Macintosh never achieved. Microsoft operating systems and <a href="">applications</a> over time have been relentlessly targeted by attackers if only because Microsoft products constituted a large field of malware opportunity due to their huge market acceptance, plus the number of <a href="">vulnerabilities discovered in them</a> month after month.

Ellen Messmer | 08 Oct | Read more

HTC breach a reminder on mobile security

It's hardly the kind of thing any company wants attached to its name, but HTC's rapid acknowledgment of confessed "serious" security exploit, discovered and published this week by security researchers, may ultimately help deflect criticisms and will, regardless, serve as a valuable reminder to CSOs that mobile devices represent a new and still-evolving security threat within the enterprise.

David Braue | 07 Oct | Read more

Critical Updates Coming from Microsoft Next Week

Next Tuesday is the second Tuesday in October, and that means it is <a href="">Microsoft Patch Tuesday</a>. Overall, it is a moderate month in terms of patch volume, but the couple that are rated as Critical should be addressed quickly to prevent exploits.

Tony Bradley | 07 Oct | Read more

Which smartphone is the most secure?

These days, it is almost impossible to meet someone who doesn't own a cell phone. More specifically, smart phones, whether it be the trendy iPhone, corporate favored Blackberry or modern Windows Mobile, almost everyone has joined the smart phone frenzy -- and with good reason. A smart phone offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary phone.

Spencer McIntyre | 07 Oct | Read more

SpyEye Trojan Targets Online Banking Security Systems

Researchers have discovered a new attack by a popular malware program, the <a href="">SpyEye Trojan</a>, that is aimed at cracking security schemes that use text messaging to send confirmation codes to consumers so they can confirm transactions from their accounts.

John P. Mello Jr. | 07 Oct | Read more

IT Audit Survey Exposes Weak Risk Assessment

Even in the face of costly and embarrassing corporate security breaches, one in four companies fails to conduct any IT risk assessment. And 42% say there are areas of their information technology audit plans that cannot be addressed because of a lack of resources and expertise.

Roy Harris | 06 Oct | Read more

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