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2012: The Year of Cold Cyber Warfare

2011 was an interesting year for information security. Institutions began to make much greater use of the Internet as a mechanism for obtaining and sharing information, including conducting operations against their enemies. Today, we are escalating towards a far darker cold cyber war era, 2012 is going to have a dark side.

Jarrod Loidl | 16 Mar | Read more

The week in security: If you must poke a bear, use a long stick

It's a lesson learnt all too painfully by all sorts of people in the past: don't cross a hacker or you never know what will happen. Sadly, the developers of the Ruby on Rails team learned this this hard way after a user, who had warned of a vulnerability in the project's code repository on GitHub, hacked into the site to make a point after the development team dismissed his notification.

David Braue | 14 Mar | Read more

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) — a Synopsis

A lot has been written in the media recently about APTs, but there seems to be a level of confusion out there about what this phenomenon is and how this could affect us. Within this brief article, I shall try and shed some light on the phenomenon that is APTs.

Ashwin Pal | 29 Feb | Read more

The week in security: War of security words

Australian techhead Mark Pesce made some waves after designing a way to send encrypted tweets using his CrypTweet applications. It's an interesting approach but the still-evolving platform has been slammed by observers as being at an early stage, and compromised by inherent characteristics of the Twitter platform.

David Braue | 27 Feb | Read more

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