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Breach response is tied to big data

Scott McIntyre spent over a decade as the chief security officer for the oldest ISP and telco in the Netherlands. Now, he’s the chief security specialist for Telstra. His career has spanned Internet/IT security for nearly 30 years. He believes the Internet can be re-claimed by those who want to do good, and shouldn't fall prey to the creepy behaviour our headlines are being filled with.

Anthony Caruana | 22 May | Read more

AusCERT 2014 Kicks Off

Graham Ingram opened this year's AusCERT conference, the thirteenth, saying that the most obvious theme is that of you lose trust in security. "Where are you? What's left?" he pondered.

Anthony Caruana | 15 May | Read more

Product review – Ironkey Workspace W500

One of the neat, often forgotten, features that was introduced with Windows 8 was Windows to Go. Windows to Go is a fully self-contained Windows installation that can be run straight from a USB stick. The benefit is that a worker can take their personal settings and preferences with them on a USB stick, plug it into a computer, boot from the USB device and be able to work from any computer.

Anthony Caruana | 07 May | Read more

Data encryption popularity breeding Aussie CSO overconfidence: Vormetric

Many security executives are getting a "false sense of security" in their data-encryption capabilities due to "primitive" solutions that leave private keys exposed to threats from insiders, Vormetric's local head has warned as new research suggests compliance requirements, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and increasing customer expectations are making Australian organisations feel insecure.

David Braue | 01 May | Read more

Data volumes making security-log centralisation trickier: ManageEngine

Ongoing growth in security breaches have customers demanding better information about their security exposure, but most will struggle to get it without tapping into intelligent analytics platforms capable of scouring different kinds of log data for trends across cloud, mobile, and other enterprise environments, a security analytics expert has warned.

David Braue | 24 Apr | Read more

Today's Approach to Security is Broken

Over the last month I've attended four international events that have had a focus on security. And there's one data point that ought to have every CSO, CISO and CIO out there worried. Despite more money than ever being spent on security – and the amount is increasing – the amount of money being lost as a result of security breaches is rising at an even greater rate.

Anthony Caruana | 17 Apr | Read more

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