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Auditing Cloud Services

Business agility and the demand for quick turnaround to infrastructure and application requirements to service organisational growth have fuelled the rise of cloud services. For organisations that have had their IT system requirements held back by traditional sourcing and project based delivery of information technology, cloud seems to be the answer.

Puneet Kukreja | 25 Oct | Read more

IPv6 boosts schools' on-net security

Cyberbullying may be more of an operational issue in schools than the outside hacking that enterprises face, but opaque IPv4 network configurations are causing security issues for both groups as organisations struggle to enforce administrative policies by reliably matching IP addresses and user identities.

David Braue | 25 Oct | Read more

Got cyber insurance?

<a href="">Heartland Payment Systems</a> figured it was in pretty good shape when it took out a $30 million cyber insurance policy. Unfortunately, the credit card transaction processor was the victim of a massive data breach in early 2009 that resulted in losses estimated at $145 million. The insurance company did pay Heartland the $30 million, but the company was on the hook for the remaining $115 million.

Lamont Wood | 24 Oct | Read more

McAfee's DeepSAFE: Beyond OS, beyond need?

McAfee's Focus 11 conference — like every vendor's conference — isn't really about the open sharing of detailed technical information. That takes place at events like AusCERT or Black Hat. It's about preparing soil for the seeds of marketing.

Stilgherrian | 21 Oct | Read more

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