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Debate erupts over Android malware dangers

Reports of an explosion in <a href="">Android</a> malware have sparked a debate over whether malware on mobile devices is actually a big deal for most users.

Brad Reed | 22 Nov | Read more

Experts advise caution, information sharing in wake of alleged utility attacks

Experts in the security of critical infrastructure have had the weekend to digest news that <a href="">a public utility water pump in Springfield, Ill. was destroyed at the hands of remote attackers</a> who were able to gain access to the SCADA systems controlling it. Their initial advice: Share any information that can minimize or stop the next attack, but don't jump to conclusions.

George V. Hulme | 22 Nov | Read more

Google, Microsoft, Intel, Verizon among new cloud-security registry members

Google, Verizon, Intel, McAfee, <a href="">Microsoft</a> and Savvis are joining a <a href="">voluntary program set up by the Cloud Security Alliance</a> that provides public information about whether contributors comply with CSA-recommended cloud-security practices.

Tim Greene | 18 Nov | Read more

Android Malware Has Surged 472 Percent Since July

Android users take note: Researchers have found a whopping 472 percent increase in <a href="">Android malware</a> samples since this summer. The free-for-all Android Market has seen a striking increase in the volume of attacks since July, according to <a href="">research</a> from Juniper Networks, as attackers continue to become more sophisticated in the malware they write.

Daniel Ionescu | 18 Nov | Read more

Cisco how-to guides for firewalls, IPv6, contact centers and security exams

If you're ready for a technical deep dive in a book, the Cisco Networking Technology Series provides that in its collection of volumes on topics that include Cisco firewalls, Cisco Unity Connection voice-messaging platform, Cisco Contact Center, <a href="">IPv6</a> and more. Here's a quick review of the books published in this series by Cisco Press this year.

Ellen Messmer | 17 Nov | Read more

iPhone app spotlight: SecureSafe

Somewhere on your iPhone is a list of your passwords. They might be stored in a Word doc in Quickoffice or on a page in Notes. Maybe you think you're clever by putting them under a pseudonym in your Contacts list.

Tom Kaneshige | 17 Nov | Read more

Google, guns, and existential computing

"Existential computing", where a device vanishes at the end of every web session, could be the answer to data hungry government officials armed with warrants and guns, according to Google's chief technology advocate, Michael Jones.

Liam Tung | 16 Nov | Read more

Marcus Ranum, my new “cyber” hero

One of the keynote speakers at the AISA National Conference this year was Mr Marcus Ranum. I, like many, respected Marcus mainly because of his technical achievements in our industry, if you don’t know who he is; I hope the rock you are living under is nice.

Mark Jones | 15 Nov | Read more

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