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Assessing the APT threat

Do <a href="">security</a> vendors secretly create the attacks their tools are designed to ward off? Of course not, but that old chestnut hints at a broader suspicion about whether the current state of security is really as bad as the security firms make it out to be, especially when it comes to the latest poster child: advanced persistent threats.

John Dix | 07 Nov | Read more

Wi-Fi security do's and don'ts

Wi-Fi is inherently susceptible to hacking and eavesdropping, but it can be secure if you use the right <a href="">security</a> measures. Unfortunately, the Web is full of outdated advice and myths. But here are some do's and don'ts of Wi-Fi security, addressing some of these myths.

Eric Geier | 07 Nov | Read more

Expanding security approach

I recently read an article in ZDNet Asia that reported that approximately 67% of Singapore organizations had experience a cyber attack in the last 12 months. Further, 95% of those that were attacked experienced some form of financial impact from the attacks. While I cannot comment on the results of the study directly, the results are not unexpected.

Matt Healey | 05 Nov | Read more

Microsoft releases manual fix for Duqu zero-day

<a href="">Microsoft</a> has released a Fix-it tool to allow <a href="">Windows</a> users to manually patch their systems to thwart the Duqu Trojan: <a href="">Microsoft Security Advisory (2639658)</a>.

Julie Bort | 05 Nov | Read more

A first look at Sophos Mobile Control

People are accessing the internet (and their own corporate services) in changing ways, increasingly through a single mobile device. Focus is increasingly placed on smartphones to stay up-to-date socially and professionally, and the blurring of these roles poses new security challenges for all businesses.

Enex Testlab | 03 Nov | Read more

SSL certificate authorities vs. ???

With all the publicity about breaches of <a href="">SSL certificate authorities</a> and a hack that exploits a vulnerability in the supposedly secure protocol, it's time to consider something else to protect Internet transactions. If only there were something else to turn to.

Tim Greene | 02 Nov | Read more

Five Steps to Mobile Device Management and Security

First there were sewing-machine sized portable PCs, then laptops, the Newton, the Palm Pilot, and phones with built-in PDA functions. The iPhone led the way to the ubiquitous smartphone, and the iPad ushered in an era of tablets. Now wireless hotspots, printers, storage, and a variety of other devices are making their way onto your office network, possibly without the knowledge of managers.

Logan G. Harbaugh | 03 Nov | Read more

Don't let your data suffer from Miss Taken Identity

Whether you celebrated National Identity Fraud Awareness Week (NIFAW) with a large identity cake or just shrieked 'Who Are You?' and other identity-inspired songs with friends over a beer or four, the campaign has run its course for another year -– and reminded those who were listening that we're still living in a world of trusting, naïve fools.

David Braue | 02 Nov | Read more

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