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Data centres need to lift their standards

The ‘cloud’ is has been growing rapidly. Data centres have an increasingly critical role in the supply of effective and efficient cloud-related services, but adoption can be hindered by concerns over data centre security. Having the correct data centre security in place is vital.

Brahman Thiyagalingham | 13 Dec | Read more

The year in review: 2011-2012

2011 has been characterised by highly visible cyber attacks and diversification by cyber criminals to target new platforms, the use of mobile devices for business has come to the fore. 2011 has also seen the UK Government place a heavy focus on the importance of cyber security. The activities of a number of high-profile hacktivist groups without the financial motives of previous years, have made uncomfortable headlines for many companies, raising cyber security as a topic among a much wider audience.

James Lyne | 13 Dec | Read more

Defence win backs Citrix desktop virtualisation security claims

Thin-client and virtualisation specialist vendor Citrix Systems has been talking about the virtualisation of the desktop for years, but an A-grade customer win would seem to back up the company’s recent claims that ever-better security is bringing desktop virtualisation into the mainstream even within the most security-conscious environments.

David Braue | 12 Dec | Read more

What is Critical National Infrastructure?

Critical national infrastructure is one of those phrases that gets used a great deal, but is not often defined very well. When you look for definitions, you often find they differ greatly, or are rather general. Many governments include them on their websites.

Nigel Phair | 12 Dec | Read more

Mobile device management -- what you should know

One of the biggest technology trends this year has been the continuing influx of consumer-oriented into the workplace. From <a href="">iPads and iPhones</a> to Android phones and tablets, 2011 will go down as the year the consumerization of IT reached a critical mass. It's no longer a question of whether IT departments will support and embrace consumer-first devices, <a href="">bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs</a> and the expanded sphere of mobile platforms -- now, the issue is more about when and how.

Ryan Faas | 09 Dec | Read more

By the numbers: How dangerous are Facebook, Twitter, and search engines (really)?

In his presentation titled "The dark side: Measuring and analyzing <a href="">malicious activity on Twitter and Facebook</a>," Daniel Peck, research scientist with <a href="">Barracuda Networks</a>, delves into the details of how cybercriminals trap people on social networks. Peck's research also uncovered that user perceptions of <a href="">social networking security</a> contrasts drastically with actual membership rates, which you can read about in <a href="">Facebook may be scary, but we love it anyway</a>.

Joan Goodchild | 09 Dec | Read more

Carrier IQ security risks overblown?

While we wait for the final judgment on the privacy implications of the <a href="">Carrier IQ fiasco</a>, security pros are asking what the potential security implications of the embattled mobile diagnostic software could be.

George V. Hulme | 08 Dec | Read more

A new focus for IT security?

Phil Vasic, regional director, APAC, at software security firm Clearswift explains why the growing pace of change in Web 2.0 technology and its integration into existing IT infrastructures make the requirement for a clear, effective and workable IT security policy more important than ever before.

Phil Vasic | 07 Dec | Read more

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