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The week in security: AusCERT 2013 dominates Cyber Security Awareness Week

The AusCERT 2013 security conference, which coincides with the government-sponsored <a href="">National Cyber Security Awareness Week (NCSAW)</a>, dominated the news during the week, and the CSO Australia team was there in full force to hear the latest from industry experts from across Australia around the world.

David Braue | 27 May | Read more

AusCERT 2013: International cyberwar response more complex than geopolitical treaties: NATO CCD COE analyst

They may not be able to call on real-world cooperation and defence agreements to build their cyberspace defences yet, but government security organisations may find value in emulating Estonia’s experience building a voluntary ‘cyber corps’ of security professionals available in times of need, NATO CCD COE (Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence) analyst Anna-Maria Talihärm has advised.

David Braue | 24 May | Read more

AusCERT 2013: Interview with Dr Lizzie Coles-Kemp

Dr Lizzie Coles-Kemp is a senior lecturer in the Information Security Group, Royal Holloway University of London. She is keenly interested in how social behaviours influence our attitudes to security. For example, in communities where Internet accounts need to be shared between family members, the security professional's assumption that one account and password identifies one person is undermined. CSO spoke to Dr Coles-Kemp about the nexus between social behaviours and information security.

Richard Chirgwin | 24 May | Read more

AusCERT 2013: Introduction to Network Security Monitoring with Security Onion - AusCERT Presentation

Although web application attacks have existed for over the last 10 years, simple coding errors, failed input validation and output sanitization continue to exist in web applications that have led to disclosures for many well-known companies. The most prevalent web application attacks are SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting and OS Command Injection. With an increased number of companies conducting buisness over the Internet, many attackers are taking advantage of lax security and poor coding techniques to exploit web applications for fame, notoriety and financial gain.

CSO staff | 23 May | Read more

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