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BYOD programs almost always problematic, security managers warn

It's no secret that IT managers are concerned about the security implications of mobile devices, but a new Check Point Software Technologies survey has confirmed just how bad the problem has become as the majority of local respondents say rapidly-increasing numbers of mobile devices pose a significant jump in security issues.

David Braue | 10 Nov | Read more

The week in security: Security concerns as Australia moves towards data retention

Consumers are more concerned about credit-card security than they are about their own health, a new survey has concluded. Take it as an indictment of our consumer culture or an indication that our overall health is good, but with California alone reporting a six-fold increase in data breaches the threat is getting bigger all the time. With cybercriminals having developed a tool to optimise their use of stolen credit cards, things are likely to get worse before they get better.

David Braue | 03 Nov | Read more

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