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Bloody June: What's behind last month's DDoS attacks?

By Jon Gold | 08 July, 2014 06:02

The list of DDoS attacks in the month of June has made for grim reading. High-profile sites have been targeted by extortion demands, online games got disrupted and at least one company was put out of business as a direct result.

Government crackdowns, surveillance could destroy the open web, Pew says

By Jon Gold | 04 July, 2014 02:03

The Internet as we know it faces several major dangers in the next 10 years, including interference from nation-states, an undermining of trust caused by governmental and corporate surveillance scandals and the corporate world's influence on its basic structure, according to a new report.

U.S. government issues massive recall notice on buggy Nest alarms

By Jon Gold | 22 May, 2014 08:28

The Consumer Product Safety Commission today issued a complete recall of all Nest Protect Smoke + CO alarm systems, over an issue that could silence the devices at a critical time.

FCC targets costs, security and mobile communications with IT upgrade plans

By Jon Gold | 30 April, 2014 08:24

The Federal Communications Commission's in-house IT infrastructure has to modernize, in order to save money and become more efficient, according to FCC CIO David Bray.

Android, not iOS, is tops in mobile ad traffic for first time

By Jon Gold | 23 April, 2014 03:12

Devices running Google's Android operating system have dethroned Apple's iPhones and iPads as the biggest drivers of worldwide mobile ad traffic, according to a new study from Opera Mediaworks.

Fake Android anti-virus app taken down

By Jon Gold | 08 April, 2014 02:17

Virus Shield, by developer Deviant Solutions, was a handsome, apparently easy-to-use security app for Android devices. For $4, the app promised hassle-free, ad-free security for Android users, without impacting battery life or performance. And, mostly, Virus Shield delivered - no ads, no fuss.

Emerging nations want uncensored Internet access, Pew survey shows

By Jon Gold | 19 March, 2014 14:55

A study released today by the Pew Research Center shows that majorities in 22 of 24 developing nations surveyed want their access to the Internet to be free of government censorship, including 70%+ majorities in half of the countries that were included.

Major security flaw threatens Linux users

By Jon Gold | 05 March, 2014 00:36

A source code mistake in the GnuTLS library – an open-source software building block used in a large number of different Linux distributions to handle secure Internet connections – could prove a serious threat to the privacy of Linux users, as developers rush to patch the vulnerability.

Nokia in hot water over Finland privacy flap

By Jon Gold | 25 February, 2014 20:59

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia is under fire today over revelations that its Lumia line of Windows Phone-powered handsets sent personal data – including information from phones used by senior members of Finland's government – to Microsoft servers in the U.S., according to a report in the Helsinki Times.

DARPA shows off clearinghouse site for open-source code and information

By Jon Gold | 05 February, 2014 00:32

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency debuted a new website dedicated to sharing open-source data and publications today, calling it the DARPA Open Catalog.

Reddit, Mozilla, EFF to hold day of protest, activism in memory of Aaron Swartz

By Jon Gold | 10 January, 2014 21:01

A broad coalition of well-known organizations announced today that it will stage an online protest against wide-ranging government surveillance of Internet users on Feb. 11, in memory of activist Aaron Swartz.

Tech titans urge surveillance reform

By Jon Gold | 10 December, 2013 18:04

An industry consortium featuring some of the biggest names in technology – including Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Reddit – is urging the Obama Administration to support a major overhaul of laws governing electronic surveillance.

Foundation exec slams Microsoft for 'meaningless' security pledge

By Jon Gold | 06 December, 2013 17:17

The Free Software Foundation on Thursday attacked Microsoft for "meaningless" public statements on privacy and security, claiming that Windows is "fundamentally insecure."

Georgia Tech researcher flags flaw in open-source vets health system

By Jon Gold | 04 December, 2013 17:23

An academic exercise by a security researcher blossomed into a live-fire infosec emergency last month, after a major vulnerability was found in a central U.S. government healthcare database system.

Million-dollar robbery rocks Bitcoin exchange

By Jon Gold | 25 November, 2013 23:02

Bitcoin Internet Payment Services, a Denmark-based exchange billing itself as Europe's biggest, was robbed of bitcoins worth more than $1 million in a theft that took place over the course of the past several days.

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