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Financial services firms to increase cyber security budgets this year, PwC claims

By Matthew Finnegan | 17 April, 2014 02:05

Financial services firms plan to increase spending on cyber defences this year, as more become aware of the risks to the sector.

JP Morgan to invest £150 million on boosting cyber security

By Matthew Finnegan | 16 April, 2014 04:08

US bank JP Morgan has increased its budget for cyber security in reaction to an "unprecedented" threat faced in the past two years.

DCMS Twitter ‘hack' targets Maria Miller MP

By Matthew Finnegan | 08 April, 2014 03:05

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport had its Twitter account ‘hacked' on Saturday, with rogue tweets targeting secretary of state Maria Miller.

EU regulators warn banks to protect IT budgets in face of growing cyber threat

By Matthew Finnegan | 04 April, 2014 18:08

Banks must ensure that IT budgets are protected to defend against a growing cyber threat, European Union has warned.

Big Data analytics: the future of IT security?

By Matthew Finnegan | 21 March, 2014 19:05

Big data analytics tools will be crucial to enterprise security as criminals deploy faster and more sophisticated attacks in attempts to steal sensitive data, according to security firm RSA.

Camden council rolls out big data analytics to tackle tax fraud

By Matthew Finnegan | 21 March, 2014 19:05

The London Borough of Camden has rolled out a big data and analytics platform from IBM to help cut costs by detecting and reducing fraud.

Ransomware attacks to target mobile devices, warns RSA

By Matthew Finnegan | 20 March, 2014 17:24

Smartphone users will be targeted by ransomware attacks as cyber criminals shift focus from PCs to mobile devices, according to security firm RSA.

Morrisons staff payroll data stolen and published online

By Matthew Finnegan | 15 March, 2014 08:05

Data from a staff payroll systems belonging to supermarket chain Morrisons has been stolen and published online, the company has confirmed.

Europol chief warns against sending sensitive data over public wi-fi

By Matthew Finnegan | 08 March, 2014 08:04

The head of Europol has warned against using public wi-fi for sending sensitive information such as online banking details, due to the risk of interception by hackers.

Online information poses cyber risk for UK critical infrastructure, report claims

By Matthew Finnegan | 07 February, 2014 08:07

Data published online by industrial firms could be used to mount a cyber attack against UK critical infrastructure, according to research published by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Cyber attack test highlights need for better communication among banks

By Matthew Finnegan | 06 February, 2014 08:05

A Bank of England-led exercise aimed at testing the resilience of UK banks' cyber defences has highlighted concerns over information-sharing during a real life attack.

Banks face "significant" DDoS threat as cyber criminals target share prices

By Matthew Finnegan | 05 February, 2014 19:05

Financial institutions face a "significant" and growing cyber threat, as hacktivists and criminals attempt to manipulate markets with distributed denial of service attacks, according to a report.

BAE Systems seeks 120 graduates for cyber security business

By Matthew Finnegan | 03 February, 2014 19:05

BAE Systems is seeking to recruit 120 IT graduates to bolster its cyber security business.

Corporate finance deals under threat from cyber criminals, warns government

By Matthew Finnegan | 18 January, 2014 08:03

Companies engaged in mergers and acquisition, IPOs, buy-outs and in bidding for major contracts need to beef up their cyber defences the government has warned.

Natwest website targeted in DDOS cyber attack

By Matthew Finnegan | 07 December, 2013 08:04

Natwest has been targeted in a cyber attack which prevented customers from accessing its website.

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  2. Pre-define your incident response team 

  3. Define your approach: watch and learn or contain and recover.

  4. Pre-distribute call cards.

  5. Forensic and incident response data capture.

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