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Nifty new LastPass, Dashlane features can change your passwords for you

Password manager apps Dashlane and LastPass are hoping to take the sting out of the next security snafu that affects your online accounts. This week, both services new automatic password-changing features that let you swap your login codes with just a few clicks, replacing them with randomly generated passwords made up of letters, numbers, and symbols. The new features automatically save the new logins to your password manager of choice.

Ian Paul | 11 Dec | Read more

Secretive, unblockable Verizon perma-cookies kick up privacy concerns

Verizon Wireless has kicked up something of a privacy scandal in recent days over how it tampers with user's web traffic sent via the company's wireless network. Hoping to cash in on lucrative advertising dollars from mobile devices, Verizon inserts a unique string of letters and numbers into individual users' HTTP requests that can be used to identify a specific device.

Ian Paul | 29 Oct | Read more

How to use the Tor Browser to surf the web anonymously

Recently, BoingBoing ran an article about how some librarians in Massachusetts were installing Tor software in all their public PCs to anonymize the browsing habits of their patrons. The librarians are doing this as a stand against passive government surveillance as well as companies that track users online and build dossiers to serve highly-targeted advertising.

Ian Paul | 24 Sep | Read more

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