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US needs to restore trust following NSA revelations, tech groups say

By Grant Gross | 19 July, 2014 06:12

The U.S government can take action to slow the calls in other countries to abandon U.S. tech vendors following revelations about widespread National Security Agency surveillance, some tech representatives said Friday.

Groups call for details on NSA surveillance of Muslim Americans

By Grant Gross | 10 July, 2014 05:03

More than 40 privacy, civil rights and religious groups have called on President Barack Obama's administration to provide a "full public accounting" of long-time email surveillance of prominent Muslims living in the U.S., following a news report detailing the spying by the U.S. National Security Agency and FBI.

Report: Snowden applies for extended asylum in Russia

By Grant Gross | 10 July, 2014 00:44

U.S. National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden has applied for extended asylum in Russia, according to news reports.

US open to discussion about German accused of being a double agent

By Grant Gross | 08 July, 2014 05:26

U.S. officials are open to a discussion with their German counterparts after an employee with Germany's intelligence agency was arrested for allegedly acting as a double agent for the U.S.

Accused Russian point-of-sale hacker arrested, faces US charges

By Grant Gross | 08 July, 2014 04:33

A Russian man suspected of hacking into point-of-sale systems at U.S. retailers has been arrested and faces charges in a U.S. court, the Department Justice said.

US privacy board defends conclusion that foreign surveillance is legal

By Grant Gross | 03 July, 2014 03:04

A U.S. National Security Agency surveillance program targeting foreign terrorism suspects does what Congress intended it to do, members of a government privacy oversight board said Wednesday, defending their report that finds the spying legal and effective.

FBI, CIA can query US communications collected by NSA

By Grant Gross | 02 July, 2014 06:31

The FBI and CIA can also query the content of U.S. residents' electronic communications that the National Security Agency inadvertently collects when targeting foreign terrorism suspects, an intelligence official said.

Senators question US surveillance transparency report

By Grant Gross | 01 July, 2014 06:19

A recent report from the U.S. intelligence director that provides the number of surveillance targets in 2013 is not specific enough to provide the transparency the nation's residents need, two senators said Monday.

Supreme Court declines to hear Google's request in Street View lawsuit

By Grant Gross | 01 July, 2014 04:00

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to throw out a class-action lawsuit against Google for sniffing Wi-Fi networks with its Street View cars.

Groups pressure US lawmakers with NSA surveillance scorecard

By Grant Gross | 28 June, 2014 04:37

U.S. lawmakers got a report card on Friday: they've been graded by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and other groups on whether they are effectively reining in the National Security Agency's surveillance programs.

Trade group previews apps to give mobile users choice on ads

By Grant Gross | 27 June, 2014 04:43

The Digital Advertising Alliance, a consortium of advertising trade groups, will roll out two new apps later this year aimed at giving mobile device users a choice of what ads they see.

Facial recognition proposal lacks privacy protections, advocate says

By Grant Gross | 25 June, 2014 06:27

A facial recognition trade group's proposals for privacy standards are an "extreme" departure from U.S. expectations on how personal data should be handled, a privacy advocate said Tuesday.

Microsoft's Smith calls for new privacy push in Congress

By Grant Gross | 25 June, 2014 03:47

Congress needs to do more to protect private data of U.S. citizens from government surveillance and the misuse of technology by companies, a top Microsoft executive said Tuesday.

New software targets hard-to-understand privacy policies

By Grant Gross | 24 June, 2014 06:04

Have you ever tried to read a website's privacy policy only to give up after slogging through paragraphs and paragraphs of dense, lawyerly language? Privacy-focused companies Disconnect and TRUSTe have released a new browser add-on that attempts to translate those policies into easy-to-understand terms.

House approves effort to limit NSA searches of US data

By Grant Gross | 20 June, 2014 13:17

The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to limit the National Security Agency's ability to search U.S. records, after a similar provision was stripped out of a bill intended to rein in the agency.

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