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How to avoid a €100 million data fine in Europe

By Jennifer Baker | 13 March, 2014 16:41

A new law approved by the European Parliament on Wednesday aimed at protecting citizens’ privacy comes with sweeping penalties for breaches - up to €100 million or 5 percent of global annual turnover, whichever is larger.

New EU cybersecurity law avoids making big Internet companies report breaches

By Jennifer Baker | 13 March, 2014 12:50

Europe on Thursday approved a new cybersecurity law, but held back from requiring Internet giants such as Google, Amazon, Ebay and Skype, to report security incidents.

Europe approves new data protection law

By Jennifer Baker | 12 March, 2014 12:31

The right to data protection was underlined by European politicians on Wednesday as the European Parliament voted by a huge majority in favour of new laws safeguarding citizens rights.

Confusion over EU data protection watchdog resolved

By Jennifer Baker | 27 January, 2014 15:16

The European Union’s data protection tzar has committed to staying on the job for until October 2014 ending uncertainty after no suitable replacement could be found.

Hit Google where it hurts to enforce data protection, urges EU Commissioner

By Jennifer Baker | 20 January, 2014 16:06

The way to get Google to comply with data privacy laws is to hit the company where it hurts: its bank balance, the European Union's Justice Commissioner said Monday.

EU politicians doubt that fighting terrorism is only reason for U.S. surveillance

By Jennifer Baker | 08 January, 2014 19:47

E.U. politicians said that they consider it doubtful that data collection by the U.S. National Security Agency’s Prism scheme was purely for the fight against terrorism.

Europe faces data protection vacancy

By Jennifer Baker | 08 January, 2014 15:41

Europe could be without a data protection tzar from next week as none of the candidates applying for the job are suitably qualified.

Snowden speech to EU parliament could torpedo US trade talks

By Jennifer Baker | 17 December, 2013 16:32

The head of the White House’s intelligence committee warned the European Parliament on Tuesday that inviting whistleblower Edward Snowden to address them could torpedo a transatlantic trade agreement worth more than €2 billion a year.

Rules that carriers must retain data called incompatible with EU law

By Jennifer Baker | 12 December, 2013 12:57

Europe’s top legal advisor ruled on Thursday that the blanket retention of data, even to combat crime, is incompatible with fundamental rights.

EU official says US data-sharing deals functioning well, but will be kept under scrutiny

By Jennifer Baker | 27 November, 2013 17:01

Europe’s Home Affairs Commissioner said on Wednesday that she would be keeping a close eye on data sharing deals with the U.S.

EU will not track terrorists' financial data due to data security concerns

By Jennifer Baker | 27 November, 2013 15:59

The European Union will not set up a Terrorist Finance Tracking System (TFTS) due to concerns about data security.

EU will not suspend safe harbor data privacy agreement with the US

By Jennifer Baker | 27 November, 2013 15:05

The European Commission said Wednesday it will not suspend the safe harbor agreement with the U.S. despite calls from the European Parliament.

Survey: Most Europeans fear cybercrime but fewer take security measures

By Jennifer Baker | 22 November, 2013 15:50

According to a Eurobarometer survey published on Friday, only 48 percent of Internet users have changed any of their online passwords during the past year.

EU Parliament could block data sharing with the US

By Jennifer Baker | 19 November, 2013 17:08

The European Parliament will not approve any data sharing deal with the United States unless E.U. citizens have judicial redress when their personal data is transferred to the U.S. said a prominent politician on Tuesday.

EU net neutrality proposal threatens privacy, says data protection supervisor

By Jennifer Baker | 15 November, 2013 15:19

Europe’s data protection watchdog on Friday said that plans for a European Union-wide net neutrality law do not protect citizens’ rights to privacy.

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