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Here’s why iSelect chose to outsource its security – and why it has never looked back

As a company that has no physical channels to serve customers, insurance-comparison giant iSelect has been heavily reliant on its contact centre and online presence since its inception nearly two decades ago. But with customer demand booming, the business expanding and its high profile attracting unwanted attention from online cybercriminals, the company began a two-year overhaul of its information-security environment to ensure it had a flexible could ensure the security and integrity of its core technology well into the future.

David Braue | 30 Nov | Read more

The week in security: Aussie shoppers exposed as Christmas nears

The Christmas season is ramping up but Australian shoppers risk being victimised by scammers, new figures suggest, with many still unable to pick out phishing emails and unaware that their home Wi-Fi network can be compromised. This is a concern for anyone shopping online: with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales being buried in a mass of scams, malware, and even fake Wi-Fi, it’s harder than ever for online shoppers to go about their business untouched.

David Braue | 28 Nov | Read more

As holiday gift splurge looms, gadget-loving Australians still failing on device, Wi-Fi protection

Connected gadgets are sure to show up under Christmas trees next month but Australians are still well behind the curve when it comes to securing them, one technologist has warned as new survey results suggest that many users still can’t pick out a phishing email – and that 4 in 5 users have no idea their home Wi-Fi networks have the potential to be compromised.

David Braue | 24 Nov | Read more

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