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The week in security: Scams cost Aussies $45m in 2015 already; Hacking Team spoils grow

Australians lost $136,000 to malware in June alone and have so far lost $45 million to scammers this year, new figures from the ACCC revealed even as attackers hit the Telegram messaging app in Australia and APAC areas, knocking the service offline. No wonder Australian IT managers feel besieged by attackers – and that BYOD users worry that their employers can't keep private data safe.

David Braue | 21 Jul | Read more

Don't take hacks personally; bots don't care who you are

Businesses need to avoid thinking that they will be attacked less because they are small or too niche to bother with, according to one security expert and author who is quick to point out that most hacks are impersonal and directed by automated systems trawling the Web for valuable information and vulnerable systems.

David Braue | 20 Jul | Read more

The week in security: Hackers hack the hackers as Hacking Team falls

The idea of ethical hacking is hardly new, but what do you call it when unethical hackers are breached by unethical hackers? This was just one of many questions raised as Italian surveillance software developer Hacking Team was breached, with more than 400GB of internal documents published online providing a treasure trove of information.

David Braue | 13 Jul | Read more

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