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The week in security: Trust us, we're the government

Much of the problem with today's security environment is that it's hard to know who to trust – but the US Department of Justice believes it has the answer: companies should trust the government's efforts around cybersecurity more than they currently do, the DOJ is suggesting. The same goes in Australia, where the newly formed Australian Cyber Security Centre was soliciting reports of security breaches to inform its work

David Braue | 15 Dec | Read more

The biggest security threat is right in front of your eyes

With all the focus on the security threat posed by malicious hackers, it's easy to forget about the other vulnerabilities that threaten the integrity of corporate data – particularly amongst companies that are caught up in the rollout of mobile technologies to enable their employees to work effectively from wherever they are.

David Braue | 05 Dec | Read more

The week in security: Cyber Monday threat looms; Australia sets data-collection standard

Australia is apparently setting the gold standard when it comes to aggregating personal information on its citizens, with the UK said to be using the controversial Australian data-retention regime as a model for its own legislation. There's no telling how that will be received by the US National Security Agency, which was arguing that its own online surveillance programs are legal and carefully scrutinised by other parts of the government.

David Braue | 02 Dec | Read more

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