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​Make sure the cloud doesn't fog up your window into network security

The use of cloud-based applications and architectures has rapidly become an everyday occurrence within most enterprises. Yet while they have become comfortable with the idea of cloud architectures, the move to embrace the cloud has also created security blind spots that may – without the right approach – inadvertently create new vulnerabilities in corporate security protections.

David Braue | 27 Nov | Read more

As IAM demand builds, tight identity integration will secure enterprises’ cloud transition: Okta

Increasing integration of identity-management frameworks at the API level will push human error out of the security equation and produce a cloud-security foundation that is “many times more secure than a password could ever be”, the local head of fast-growing Okta has predicted on the back of surging customer adoption that he says points to the rapid maturation of Australian companies' cloud philosophy.

David Braue | 26 Nov | Read more

Australians overconfident on security prowess despite surging toll of breaches

Online Australians give themselves strong marks on cybersecurity practices despite even though less than half use secure passwords and more than a quarter share sensitive banking and other passwords, according to new surveys of consumer attitudes that have pegged total Australian cybercrime losses at $1.2 billion annually and the cost per security incident at upwards of $275,000.

David Braue | 24 Nov | Read more

The week in security: Security strategies evolving as new (and old) threats persist

A range of mobile apps are leaking back-end credentials that allow anybody to access millions of user records, a new study has found. This should come as little surprise given the sloppy approach taken by many organisations to securing privileged accounts, one analysis warns. Little wonder potential government cloud adopters are concerned about cloud-providers' lack of transparency.

David Braue | 23 Nov | Read more

Australians among world's worst malware victims – but the death of APTs signals worse times ahead

Australian users remain among the world's most likely to click on malicious links, new industry research suggests – but if you thought things were bad now, hold onto your hats: security specialists warn that 2016 is likely to make things even worse as growing desire to commercialise the spoils of data breaches drives a transformation in the way attackers launch already-insidious advanced persistent threats (APTs).

David Braue | 20 Nov | Read more

As attacks surge, partnerships help vendors, customers keep up

Surging volumes of ransomware and other malware have made collaboration between security vendors an unavoidable requirement and transformed the vendor-customer relationship in the process, according to a senior Intel Security executive who flagged the value of the company's recent push to extend and tighten its threat-intelligence partnerships.

David Braue | 19 Nov | Read more

The week in security: Windows servers, iOS, Macs softer targets than you want to believe

Companies need to recognise that technological fixes can only extend the secure life of old platforms so far, one security expert was warning. It is, after all, impossible to outspend every attacker trying to get to your systems. Sometimes, instead, the best answer is to look to completely new technological approaches – such as the synchronised firewall-endpoint linkages in new security tools launched this week by Sophos.

David Braue | 16 Nov | Read more

The week in security: Malware-laden apps persist as iOS 9 zero-day scores $1m bounty

Launches of numerous new security tools, from a range of vendors, suggested that we are in a time of strong security innovation. Some of that innovation is also coming from open-source vendors like security specialists Kustodian, who have eschewed commercial solutions and gone open source-only to improve their value proposition and target companies like SMEs, who struggle to boost security without a lot of money to spend.

David Braue | 09 Nov | Read more

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