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Australia's ad fraud drops but so do ad-quality metrics

The percentage of fraudulent Australian online advertisements declined from the first quarter of this year to the second quarter, but an industry watcher has warned that growing risk from ad-related malware and a decline in viewability represented a “wakeup call” for Australia's online-advertising market.

David Braue | 26 Aug | Read more

There's no 000 for IT security; do you have what it takes to build your own?

The “failing proposition” that perimeter defences are adequate for IT security means organisations need to make a “massive shift” in their investments in security solutions, one security expert has warned while noting that fierce competition for skilled security staff means a growing proportion of companies will struggle to get the right skills to make that happen.

David Braue | 25 Aug | Read more

The week in security: Controversy, lessons from Ashley Madison hack; Australia joins worst DDoS offenders

A cyberattack on the US Internal Revenue Service, reported earlier this year, now seems to be worse than originally thought. Yet the most attention was on the publication of the records from the recent Ashley Madison hack, which set tongues wagging around the world and had the site's parent company scouring the records to confirm their authenticity. Analysis of the released records, which include source code and email records, showed that internal technical experts had raised concerns about the site's security as much as a year ago. And some believe the high-profile hack willlead to a tiered Internet, while others believe it has important lessons for CSOs and could lead to a wave of spear phishing attacks.

David Braue | 24 Aug | Read more

Identity management at the heart of REA Group's 98% cloud commitment

Changes to security exposure, driven by shifting organisational network boundaries, have driven a resurgence in identity and access management (IAM) that has the government committing to significant IAM frameworks and private companies retrofitting IAM to legacy systems. Yet for fast-growing digital business REA Group, a flexible IAM environment has rapidly evolved from being a nice-to-have into a fundamental element of the company's IT strategy.

David Braue | 18 Aug | Read more

The week in security: Analytics show promise as Android's StageFright continues and everything proves hackable

If you're worried about security vulnerabilities, you're not alone five critical areas of security have researchers worried. One of them is the security of the Android mobile operating system, which was in the spotlight as IBM located another Android bug and a zero-day flaw in Google's Admin app allowed malicious apps to read its files. Google's first attempt to patch the high-profile StageFright bug was unsuccessful and the company said it would be November before a complete fix to the bug would be delivered.

David Braue | 17 Aug | Read more

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