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The week in security: Celebrities face Apple's naked truth

A major security breach was the last thing Apple needed in the leadup to the high-profile launch of its iPhone 6, and the "outraged” company was quick to argue that the leak of nude celebrity photos from its iCloud service was a targeted attack. Others said the leak was a reminder of the importance of two-factor authentication

David Braue | 08 Sep | Read more

The week in security: Wearable tech shaking up security, privacy concerns

If you're not concerned about the privacy implications of wearable technology, consider how you feel knowing that fitness-bracelet provider Jawbone was showing how its San Francisco customers felt the impact of the recent earthquake, based on when their bracelets said they woke up. On a similar note, a survey found that consumers are concerned about online security threats but do little to protect themselves.

David Braue | 01 Sep | Read more

The week in security: Healthcare breach prompts govt security response

Tax giant H&R Block took a big step with the |implementation of a new staff-onboarding system that uses a secure identity framework to confirm identity, while US shipping company United Parcel Service (UPS) was trying to confirm some other identities after its UPS Store subsidiary was |hit with a security breach that saw malware loaded on systems in 51 stores.

David Braue | 27 Aug | Read more

The week in security: Old malware continues onslaught as new devices found vulnerable

A broad study of equipment firmware found poor security practices are rife, with weaknesses presenting new opportunities for hackers to exploit the emerging 'Internet of Things'. Seemingly confirming their fears, a hacking contest found 15 new router vulnerabilities while others warned that the emergence of the 'Heartbleed' OpenSSL bug this year highlighted more severe underlying issues in hardware design.

David Braue | 20 Aug | Read more

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