National Crime Agency tenders £12m digital evidence contract

Seeks support in getting evidence from mobile phones and laptops

The new UK National Crime Agency is tendering for a five-year contract worth up to £12 million for the provision of digital forensic services.

The NCA wants support in taking data and evidence from digital devices, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets.

The NCA says laboratory analysis is required on digital devices, covering data collection to acquire a "forensically sound image/copy of a physical device, selected data (logical) or volatile data".

It also wants support for "data interpretation, processing and analysis", including "data profiling and assessments of investigative value" for data contained on seized devices.

And "CellSite analysis" requirements from the NCA include reformatting, presentation and the "explanation of network-provided call data records" from phones.

The NCA said the contract is worth between £10 million and £12 million over the contract period.

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