Pricey crime kit adds ‘McRAT’ Java zero-day four days after patch

In less than one week, the high-priced commercial exploit kit known as “Cool” has added an exploit for the Java zero-day flaw affecting Web browser plugins that Oracle patched last Tuesday.

The makers of Cool may have illustrated why it costs $10,000 per month to rent compared with last year’s most prevalent exploit kit, Blackhole, which goes for less than a tenth of the price.

French security researcher Kafeine discovered Cool added an exploit for Java flaw CVE-2013-1493 this weekend, just four days after Oracle delivered a fix for Java SE 7 Update 15 and Java SE 6 Update 41 in Web browsers.

Oracle patched the flaw because attackers were using it in targeted campaigns to install the McRAT Trojan, but the inclusion of the attack code in Cool will help install the widely-distributed threat, Reveton, the malware behind fake law enforcement fines and lock screens plaguing PCs across the globe.

An exploit for the Java flaw was expected, but the speed of its inclusion in Cool is remarkable because working attack code for the flaw has yet to be included in the Metasploit exploit database, which usually precedes the inclusion of exploits in dozens of crime kits like Cool.

“For almost all CVEs after disclosure, if it’s not in Metasploit, it [takes] around month. After Metasploit it's a matter of days,” Kafeine told CSO Australia. “So in this case, four to five days to update [an exploit kit] is a really short timeframe,” said the researcher.

Java remains a favourite amongst exploit kit vendors, since there are regular flaws affecting the browser plugin, the plugin is enabled on billions of PCs, and patching is often not immediate.

In mid-February several exploit kits including Cool added an attack for Java flaw CVE-2013-0431 affecting Java 7 Update 11 that Oracle patched on February 1.

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