Hackers attack weakness in Adobe's Flash Firefox plugin sandbox

Third Flash Player security update this month, second time an exploit successfully escapes Adobe’s sandbox.

It’s been a tough month for Adobe, which has for the second time this month had to release an out of band patch to address flaws affecting its sandboxing implementations.

The company on Tuesday issued an update that fixes a “permissions issue” with the Flash Player Firefox plugin sandbox that Adobe said hackers are exploiting.

That attacks attempt to dupe victims into clicking on a link that directs them to a website hosting malicious Flash content.

Another flaw being exploited in the attacks relate to a vulnerability in an API used to handle Flash files for internet video delivery. The update also fixes a memory corruption flaw which is not under attack.

Less than a week ago Adobe issued updates for vulnerabilities that bypassed the “Protected Mode” sandbox for Reader and Acrobat X and XI for Windows.

The additional sandbox protections Adobe introduced in 2010 were designed to thwart attacker attempts to install malware and until this month had not been successfully exploited.

The exploit-free lifespan of Adobe’s Flash sandbox for Firefox on Windows has been somewhat shorter. It only publicly released the feature in June last year, noting at the time the design of the sandbox followed the same approach it took for Reader X Protected Mode. It was designed to run the plugin as a restricted process within the browser, and make it more difficult for attackers to exploit Flash bugs.

The flaws addressed in the Tuesday update affect versions 11.6.602.168 and earlier for Windows, 11.6.602.167 and earlier for Mac, and and earlier for Linux. The new version for Macs and Windows is 11.6.602.171, while Linux updates to

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