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China's Defense Ministry calls accusations of state-sponsored hacking groundless

China's Defense Ministry points to flaws in claims that the nation's military supports cyberespionage

China's Ministry of National Defense on Wednesday refuted the accusations that the nation's military supports cyberespionage, and said a recent security report backing the claims used scientifically flawed evidence.

The ministry made the statement after U.S. security firm Mandiant released a 74-page report documenting evidence, including IP addresses, that traced a large number of international cyberattacks to what it claims is likely to be a unit of China's People's Liberation Army based in Shanghai. The so-called "Unit 61398" has stolen data, such as intellectual property, from at least 141 companies since 2006, it said.

China's Defense Ministry, however, said in a statement online that Mandiant's claims were groundless. It added that the report made its conclusion by only relying on IP addresses to trace the cyberattacks to China.

"As we all know, hacking attacks occur almost everyday by using stolen IP addresses. This is a common practice and is a matter of common sense," the ministry said. "Secondly, there still is no standard definition for 'cyber attack', and the report's claim that the daily gathering of online information construes as cyber espionage lacks a legal basis."

The ministry further added that cyber attacks are both transnational and occur anonymously, making them hard to pinpoint. "China is one the major victims of cyber attacks," it said. "According to the IP addresses found, a considerable number of the attacks come from the U.S., but we have not blamed the U.S. side for this."

In the past, Chinese authorities have consistently denied supporting cyberattacks, despite mounting reports of sophisticated hacking coming from the nation that has shut down activist sites and allegedly breached systems from companies including Google.

Mandiant's report said it was "highly unlikely" the Chinese government was unaware of the hacking attacks, and was possibly supporting the cyberespionage.

Security expert Jeffrey Carr cast doubt on the conclusions of the Mandiant report. "My problem is that Mandiant refuses to consider what everyone that I know in the Intelligence Community acknowledges -- that there are multiple states engaging in this activity; not just China," he said in a blog post.

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For a start if Australia gets attacked from someone in america, AU will contact U.S and America will track them down fast and off to jail. sick of hearing china lie non stop.

China always with then groundless and so on.

Its not the first time we have traced Chinese hackers to there army tec. second its not the first time. years ago they traced it back to Chinese military computer army tec base / network center.

More over they have been busted lying non stop and every time they have said "groundless" .

I have herd that word used so many times. china said they would not build a aircraft Carrie, they said it was "groundless & a lie with no proof & that they 100% never would". the proof come that at the time they said it was groundless in a statement, they had already sighed the paper work to buy the aircraft Carrie to fix it up. Building attack weapons. China dismisses the allegations. Round and round we go jack.

so they just lie all the time and there is proof they can not be trusted and that's 1 time from 50 big things. For 7 years now people have had there home computers hacked, and have said how Chinese people have patent there ideas. They are not just stealing gov big company patents, but also public peoples ideas to & patent them. This is a very big problem and in 50 years time, it would be like the U.S gov getting a extra income from 50% of there country's company's.This must be stopped and its clear giving them such a big market must be stopped.



What they are trying to do is clear, It threatens democracy and has a very hi risk of war within 50 years time, If that. They are trying to build up on a massive scale trying to full the west public by lying every time, even when busted lying and building weapons up. What should be said to them is answer this, reply. show them all there comments video clips of there statements of there lies on building up and so on, and there statements made that we have proof was a out right lie. Dam even when they even released a statement saying its a lie, they did what they said they would not. Them statements are a 100% lie, We have proof. Have them answer the question? no you lied every time why?, and why did you lie every time with proof showing you new it was a lie when you said it. so many lies they would not be able to answer it. Put this in every western paper and tv / news and keep repeating it once a week. let the public wake up from the dream world. They want to make there own dollar system and so many things. if not stopped there is going to be a very big war within 50 years time. There is know way we can let a communist that kills there own people and treats there people like pigs, let alone the Nazi sh** with the monks, become a world supper power or anything close. After all we seen Russia =s communist, why do u think they will not stop NK or IRAN or Syria. They are very evil people that mass murder there own & would if a hi world power with big cash. We gave them a chance and we new it was a big risk, because they would just build up, & THEY DID ding ding ding.. They said they would not, but have lied non stop on that issue. Its time to invest in India a country that has turned more democratic in 99% less time then china. but yet china has not been 3% democratic since 2000 / 2007, China have taken back steps on democracy and tightens there control on there people now, brain washing them like Hitler did, by having a market and giving them all jobs, means the people will back them no matter what there thinking, the gov got them there market and jobs, its also already a deadly thing. brain washing the country with its media saying how bad america is and blaming everything on the U.S. this is ww3 in the making, propaganda on a big scale.

They will back them from all the jobs but most important, they are already doing a bad thing. All there TV stations are brain washing them like Hitler did. The U.S threatens us hacks us. 90% big lies.

China keeps growing 100% expect a nice big war. hope u don't have kids. Think again about nuclear weapons because jamming devises and EMP weapons can fry them stopping them from going off.

This is ww3. we have them lying big time from saying there market is not to build up, but yet the mass lies are clear. propaganda is clear. this has the making for a big war and its going to happen unless we punish them and cut there income back a bit, stopping them from building up so much / making lots of tec.

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