Twitter’s Whisper Systems now an open source project

Whisper Systems, the mobile security startup Twitter acquired in late 2011, is now an open source project which has a new official home outside the microblogging service.

[[xref:|Moxie Marlinspike|]], co-founder of Whisper Systems, joined Twitter’s security team at the time of the company’s acquisition. The purchase caused a stir since it meant RedPhone -- Whisper’s free call-encryption service used by protestors during the Arab Spring uprising -- was taken offline.

However, shortly afterwards, Twitter open sourced some of Whisper System’s software, including RedPhone, TextSecure, an app that encrypts messages for Android, and full disk encryption tool for Android, WhisperCore.

Marlinspike announced the launch of, the website for Open Whisper Systems, via Twitter on Monday. The launch comes a few weeks after he quit his post at Twitter and had some "fun projects" coming up. One that he launched early last year was cloud-based password cracking service CloudCracker that promised to crack passwords for a $17 fee.

Open Whisper Core's website will become the focal point for all new developments to software that Twitter released under Open Source license (GPLv3).

“This is where we will be promoting, distributing, and coordinating the continued development of mobile security and privacy software,” the project notes on its blog.

“In an environment of increasingly pervasive surveillance, we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to be able to organize and communicate securely.”

The two tools the Open Whisper Systems has launched with are RedPhone and TextSecure, both available on Google Play as beta releases.

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