Users Should Be Made Accountable for IT Security

With BYOD , social media and Cloud, is it possible for the CIOs and IT teams to keep a tab on the security for the entire organization? Sankarson Banerjee, CIO, India Infoline believes that users should be made accountable for IT security.

I would like to draw a parallel here with the police force. The police are the guardians of law and order and are also responsible for preventing untoward incidents. But if a miscreant creates trouble, he is held accountable and punished.

Likewise, conventionally, IT is held responsible for data security but I believe if business users are made accountable then they would be more cautious and conscientious.

I can tell from my experience that security policies are just a bunch of huge, bulky documents that organizations provide their employees with--hoping they would be more careful when it comes to enterprise security--actually end up in their drawers, untouched and unread.

But, for once, let's step into their shoes and think. Is it possible to remember and act upon each of those innumerable clauses in our security policies? And are those clauses still relevant?

Organizations hardly revisit the terms and conditions of data protection even when more and more disruptive technologies like mobility, cloud, BYOD and virtualization are making their way into enterprises. It's important to remember that it's when policies become rigid that people try to get around it and breach the code of conduct.

Hence, at India Infoline we are trying to inculcate a sense of responsibility and accountability among users by making them aware of our organization's policies and then asking them to use their discretion and sense of judgment before taking an action. I think users today are well versed with basic technology and with a little bit of awareness and training can help IT enforce basic checks and controls.

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