Chrome 23, IE 10 auto-update include fix for critical Flash flaws

Adobe has patched seven critical Flash Player security flaws, all discovered by Google’s Security Team.

Adobe’s regular monthly update for the media player fixes five buffer overflow vulnerabilities, as well as a separate memory corruption and security bypass vulnerability. The flaws affect Flash Player on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android and could allow an attacker to take over a target computer. Adobe has listed the latest software version numbers for each browser and operating system here.

Google has included the fix with the release of Chrome 23, version number 23.0.1271.64, which itself contains fixes for 13 cross-platform bugs in the browser and one that only affects Macs.

Microsoft meanwhile included the Flash fixes in an update for Internet Explorer 10 that can be applied automatically for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, but needs to be downloaded from Windows Update for Windows RT devices.

It’s the first time Microsoft has managed to fully coordinate an IE 10 Flash update with Adobe’s patch release as the pair work towards synchronising patch cycles.

Adobe said in a media statement that from next month its regular cycle of Flash Player patches will fall on “Patch Tuesdays”.

More automatic Flash Player updates are likely to have a positive impact for computer users that fail to update the to the latest version.

Kaspersky Lab last week reported that in late September, 19 per cent of its user-base were exposed to Flash Player vulnerabilities that Adobe released fixes for a month earlier. The figure was 35 per cent in late August for a set of Java vulnerabilities that Oracle had released patches for in June.

According to Kaspersky’s figures, there was an average of eight vulnerabilities on each vulnerable computer in its analysis.

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Is this the reason why my Google chrome wont launch at all. All I get on the icon is it hilighted for a few secs then nothing. And I don't know what to do with it. honestly.



Angel, you can try re-downloading the Chrome installer and run that. It won't affect any of your apps or info, so it's just like a manual update.

I've done that twice in the past because of weird oddities from Chrome

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