Pure Hacking's PureWAF managed firewall wins iAward

Award spurs developer's effort to keep development local

PureWAF, an Australian-developed managed firewall service designed to protect web applications, won the security section of the national iAwards last night for its developers, information security consultancy Pure Hacking.

The iAwards' goal is to recognise the people leading ICT in Australia and highlight the quality of innovation being produced here.

"This has certainly spurred us to maintain a focus on developing here locally in Australia," said Pure Hacking chief executive officer Rob McAdam.

PureWAF is a web applicatiion firewall (WAF) delivered as a managed service. Each customer's PureWAF ruleset is custom-designed, based on the results of a penetration test or a secure code review, combined with the company's own WAF Mitigation Library.

Pure Hacking claims this process can protect web applications against 0-day vulnerabilities.

PureWAF can be implemented as a virtual appliance or embedded within the web server on an internal network or externally in the cloud, says the company.


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