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Government-private sector collaboration vital for cyber security: Brandis

The Australian Cyber Security Centre offers “a single location for government and business to collaborate on operational cyber security matters” and “represents a fundamental shift in the way that government wants to partner with business on cyber security,” Attorney-General George Brandis has said in remarks prepared for the ACSC’s Canberra conference today.

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Talking ’bout my generation – the next wave of infosec

They say you should never perform with children or animals. Juniper Networks’ CSO Chris Hoff found that out the hard way when he was upstaged by nine year old Reuben Paul. Reuben created a fake website, injected it with a Java exploit and executed a social engineering attack on Hoff at the RSA Conference.

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Australia's online ads less fraudulent but lower quality than elsewhere

Advertisements placed in Web sites and mobile applications using ad networks and exchanges are four times as likely to have malware than those sourced directly from publishers, according to an analysis of advertising malware and safety that also found Australia's rate of ad fraud is lower than that in comparable European countries.

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Camio turns your spare phone or tablet into Dropcam

For all their out-of-the-box convenience, advanced features and constant improvements, cloud cameras such as Dropcam and Netcam HD aren't exactly the cheapest home-surveillance option. In addition to the upfront cost of the unit itself, there's usually a recurring fee for cloud storage. But what if you could get your webcam or a spare iOS or Android device to work like Dropcam?

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