The week in security: Root-certificate stuff-ups send Dell, device makers scrambling

Just as most people believe they are safer drivers than the people around them, new research suggests that most Australians believe they are safer online than they really are – or must be, given that cybercrime is costing Australia more than $1.2 billion annually. No wonder security analysts continue to argue that CISOs and CEOs must find a way to work together towards common objectives.

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​Make sure the cloud doesn't fog up your window into network security

The use of cloud-based applications and architectures has rapidly become an everyday occurrence within most enterprises. Yet while they have become comfortable with the idea of cloud architectures, the move to embrace the cloud has also created security blind spots that may – without the right approach – inadvertently create new vulnerabilities in corporate security protections.

Nov 27 | Read more

As IAM demand builds, tight identity integration will secure enterprises’ cloud transition: Okta

Increasing integration of identity-management frameworks at the API level will push human error out of the security equation and produce a cloud-security foundation that is “many times more secure than a password could ever be”, the local head of fast-growing Okta has predicted on the back of surging customer adoption that he says points to the rapid maturation of Australian companies' cloud philosophy.

Nov 26 | Read more

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