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Stuxnet, Snowden and Sony: Why we've passed the cyber security tipping point

Heavy-handed pressures from tech-unaware legislators, successful strikes by laterally-thinking hackers, a growing tide of dissent about government intervention and corporate concerns about last year's massive hack of Sony Pictures corporate documents have pushed us past the security tipping point into an environment where cyber-attacks will increasingly become favoured tools of nation states and terrorist groups, a leading security journalist has warned.

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Lawmakers target data brokers in privacy bill

Four U.S. senators have resurrected legislation that would allow consumers to see and correct personal information held by data brokers and tell those businesses to stop sharing or selling it for marketing purposes.

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Financial phishing, infections down but new strains emerging: Symantec

Proactive efforts to stop the rate of financially-targeted Trojans saw a 53 percent decline in infection rates during 2014 but ever-smarter malware is learning to evade new security measures, Symantec has warned after an analysis that found Australia suffered over 114,000 financial phishing attacks last year.

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